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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nickelodeon, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. Where was my man Ryder at? I saw him on the picture for the match, I SAW HIM :angry: :dawg:

    There were Ryder signs all over the arena, where was he at?
  2. He probably set up/took down the ring.
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  3. Watching the PPV from a bar.
  4. Doing the same thing Bryan was
  5. Taking it in the ass from Vince backstage. Clownshoes having el torito and JBL in that shit instead of him, ffs. Also no Barrett lol, he had no spot to give up apparently?
  6. I missed Y2J..

    But indeed, should've gone with Ryder instead of that toolbag Miz.
  7. who cares lol.

    besides Aids I mean
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  8. [​IMG]
    I didnt expect dude. Youll be in my same spot in another year with DZ bro.
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  9. lol still clinging to the pathetic DZ/Ryder comparisons huh
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  10. They had to make room for Big Sexy.

  11. :dawg:

    Love the Seether ava..
  12. I love how Zack Ryder even ordered a new attire for the Royal Rumble. I always LOL at his tweets. It doesn't help that he cries about it. I don't see JTG crying about not being the rumble.... that's because JTG is a man's man.
  13. Zack prolly doesn't even talk to Triple H about it. Just tweets.
  14. Zack Ryder probably avoids Triple H backstage. He just walks 10 feet behind him and mumbles at Triple H and HHH will turn around and be like "You something?" and Ryder will be like "NO." and run away.
  15. Lmao, I can picture that. Bet he's more afraid of Steph.
  16. Nah....... I don't wanna picture Zack being scared of Steph. No fun in that. Just imagine all of the awkward run-ins he has with Triple H and when Triple H confronts him on his tweets, Ryder just avoids what HHH is talking about.
  17. And he stands in the back of the crowd trying to clear the area.
  18. Likely tanning.
  19. It's been said before. But who cares?
  20. :woo::woo::woo:
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