Where will Cena rank?

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  1. When talking about wrestling's biggest icons three names always come up at the top Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Then you have your second tier legends such as The Undertaker, HHH and Shawn Michaels. So were will Cena be ranked? Will he break into the top 3 or what? Remember this isn't about your opinion on the performer but rather how big an icon will he be seen as.
  2. Definitely top 5, probably top 3.
  3. Top 3 as he's carried the company a lot over the years so I defo think he'll be ranked as one of the greats.
  5. So you really think the man who carried the company for 6 years will not be regarded in the list of legends at all? The man who lead the WWE to one of their most profitable years and main evented the Wrestlemania with the highest buy rate ever. Try to take out your personal feelings and rank him based upon achievement not your personal preference.
  6. He carry what? the 6 he was the face company EVERYONE HATED HIM! How was he did carry it? AND I NEVER LIKE HIM AND I NEVER WILL!
  7. He carried the company as the top draw, are you going to deny that?
  8. NO HE A PG BITCH! I never like him even when was the raper he ALWAY SUCK END OF STORY!
  9. "Remember this isn't about your opinion on the performer but rather how big an icon will he be seen as."

    You're missing the purpose of the thread this isn't about how you judge Cena it's how he'll be thought of by the majority after he's retired.
  10. IDK? HE STILL SUCK! I would rank him anywere.
  11. Who cares if he's been the top draw of a crap era? He doesn't deserve to be listed with the true all time greats.
  13. Why not? He's the closest thing we've got to break into those three, I'm sure even you can admit that. Being the top draw is important look at the big 3 (Hogan, Rock and SCSA) all three were monster draws and faces of their respective eras in some form. This isn't from a talent perspective but rather how big an icon he'll be seen as.
  14. I don't see Cena being remembered as an all time wrestling icon. Wrestling is dying in popularity, so until it starts to turn around I don't think anyone from these eras will be looked at in the same light as the guys who carried the torch when wrestling was peaking in popularity
  15. HE RIGHT! Well with counting CM PUNK!
  16. I wouldn't say wrestling is dying in popularity but in this modern era it has more to compete with plus ratings don't mean anything nor do buy rates with the ease you can dl RAW and SD each week or stream them sanes goes for buyrates on PPV's ppl wont pay as it's a recession so more are probably dl them or streaming them so they dont prove anything plus im almost certain RAW and SD are still sold out most weeks so I disagree theres no way wrestling is dying in popularity.

    As for the era being a bit poor ok yes I'll give u that but Cena is still an icon as he's carried the company through this era at times on his own.
  17. Dying might be a bit strong, but it's popularity is certainly decreasing, and really decreasing in demographics that don't consist of snot nosed kids