Where will my boy Clint Dempsey end up next season?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 25, 2012.

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  1. http://www.examiner.com/article/clint-dempsey-to-make-fulham-exit-for-uefa-champions-league-football

    He's obviously outgrown Fulham despite Crayo thinking he wasn't worthy of going to a better club ( :trolldance: ) and some high profile clubs appear to be interested.

    I know Arsenal is slipping a bit, but I would love to see him sign there. If they could sign him and find a way to keep RVP (Just say no to Citeh) I'd probably jizz in my pants a little bit, even if they wouldn't be a threat to win the premier league.


  2. Arsenal is probably his best bet where he'll get game time. Man U, Chelsea, City and Spurs all have better players in his position imo or wouldn't move to accommodate him. Liverpool is another choice although currently that would be a sideways move it seems currently. Although playing a forward line similar to the below could help get them closer to the top 6. I see potential for a fluid front line there.

    Dempsey Gerrard Bellamy
  3. Good post, I agree Arsenal is the best choice for him.

    Also crazy to see so many guests viewing this thread.. didn't know Clint Dempsey would be such a draw on a wrestling forum
  4. You were right to be honest. Dempsey has been so awesome this year and he's underrated because he plays for Fulham. The biggest contenders right now for Dempsey is actually United and you know what? I'd welcome it. Carrick is an awesome holding midfielder/passer but Scholes is getting old (still one of the best in the world), Anderson is injury prone. Cleverely needs more development and is injury prone, Fletcher just isn't creative enough, Kagawa is a signing we might get who'd be awesome (I'd prefer him over Dempsey - sorry) but Dempsey would fit in very well.

    As for where I think he'll go? Arsenal. Benayoun is a loan signing so he'll be going back. Ramsey fucksucks. Arteta is good. Diaby sucks. Wilshere is injury prone. Arsenal definitely need him more than any others imo. I hope he comes to us though as a replacement for Kagawa when he's not there, or even a partner for Kagawa.
  5. Yea on one hand it would be cool to see Dempsey sign with Man U, but the playing time question would put a damper on my enthusiasm if he went there.

    What would you put the odds on RVP staying with Arsenal at this point Crayo? I haven't heard many rumors besides City, fuck those greedy bastards. I would be a total Arsenal fanboy if he and Clint were both in their starting 11 next season
  6. The only reason I could see UTD signing Dempsey would be for further expansion in the US market. He just isn't a Man U player imo, especially with better talents available. I'm not criticizing him at all he's been great all season but I'm not convinced he should be a title challenger.
  7. What better talents? Our central midfield is terrible... it's worse than all 6 of the teams below us.
  8. I sort of thought this as well but wasn't certain. I know you have talent up front and on the outside, but besides Carrick I didn't think you had a lot of depth at center mid.

    Also as Seabs mentioned I definitely picture the Glazers being interested in him to help bring in more fans, because there are a lot of Americans such as myself who are fans of the premier league but don't necessarily have a favorite club
  9. Better talents available, I'm assuming Dempsey would be signed as a loose forward so you could have Hazard playing that role as well as Rooney, even Giggs could play there in an emergency plus rumours are circulating about Lavezzi also. On the flanks you have Young, Valencia and Nani to fit in plus if Hazard signs as I believe he is currently being used wide left. Although if you wished to sign him as a winger Gotze I should imagine would be another target or was at least rumoured at one point. In central midfield if you get Kawaga (Spelling seems off on that) who can cover central creative or out wide and is younger with more of a UTD feel to him, IE attempting to mold a lump of clay rather a more complete player. Clint is what 30 now? Doesn't seem to fit your current ethos. I personally believe you need a battler in midfield more then anything else, Carrick seems to a deep laying playmaker rather then a battler, someone in Scott Parkers mold but not him.
  10. Clint is 29 thank you very much Seabs
  12. Dempsey is an attacking midfielder but he can get back (box to box, like Modric) so I'd just put him as a CM or CAM with high work rate. But you're right, if we were buying him as a CF we don't need. Rooney is our CF, the second best CF in the world imo. If we buy Hazard I don't think it'll be as a winger, I think he'll be put as CF and Rooney up front. Hazard is favourite to come to us out of the three teams linked. Kagawa has practically signed, he's an attacking mid but gets back. He's more creative, he'll take the place of Scholes/Cleverely/Fletcher. Gotze has signed a 4 year deal at his club, I would have loved to have him too. But if you take away Kagawa and perhaps Hazard, our CM is completely lacking.

    I agree we need a battler but we can't have a battler and a CDM on at the same time and currently 4-4-2 forces us to do that. I'm hoping we switch to 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-1-2 with this as the potential team.

    De Gea

    Rafael Vidic Ferdinand Evra

    Carrick Kagawa (more attacking)

    Valencia Hazard Young

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