Where will they take Punk and the freak?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Not really sure where they'll go with Lesnar/Punk. Will they rush it and have them fight at MITB? It wouldn't surprise me. Lesnar has appeared on the lower PPV's for a while now, and MITB has been consistently good for the last two-three years; it's a PPV WWE seemingly care about. I hope it's not a one PPV feud, or a feud that has Punk win and then win the rematch at Summerslam.

    Why? I want a story behind this. I want the story to be equal or even more important than the two feuding. Heyman can be magic in this feud if they let him. I wonder if Punk takes the underdog route by default. If he does, does that rule out the attitudinal Punk we all know and love? Punk needs ego here imo to make this feud epic.
  2. The only low level PPV I can remember with Lesnar wreslting on it has been Extreme Rules 2012 and 2013. Otherwise it has been Summerslam and Mania from what I can remember. I personally think they will have their match at Summerslam, with some confrontations leading up to it. But they could have it at MITB and then a rematch at Summerslam to help sell it.

    Depends on what the F5 did to Punk. Was it just a regular F5 with Punk being back next week or was it supposed to "take him ou" for a couple of weeks to help sell the whole deal.

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    I really loved Punk's "don't give a fuck" apathetic attitude towards Brock coming out to confront/intimidate him.

    I definitely believe they'll have two PPV matches before the feud is done with (not three though, they just came off doing that same thing with Triple H) but I don't believe MITB will be where the first takes place. It makes better sense to just start this feud a couple of months ahead of time to build further hype for the first encounter between the two. I also don't think Punk is out from the F-5. If they want to sell an injury angle or have Punk banged up, I'd think they'd go the Kimura route. Of course, there's always next week for that. (It actually puts a cool image in my head - Punk wrestling the first match with a cast because of having a broken arm, then getting a win that would be deemed 'controversial' since he uses the cast to help him put Brock out.)

    I'm predicting Paul Heyman being somewhat shocked by Lesnar's actions next week, similar to his reaction against Lesnar attacking Vince earlier this year. He'll likely play it up as if he's in a neutral corner but will then turn on Punk for Brock when Summerslam rolls around. At least that's the way I see it, and Heyman himself mentioned in a real life interview that an interesting way to book it would be Heyman wanting to control the chaos between his two guys but ultimately he can do nothing but stand back and watch them tear at each other's throats until he eventually has to choose a side.

    I would suggest that this feud could escalate into something so personal it could be the Hell In A Cell match for the annual PPV of the same name come October... But that's like 5 PPVs away and thus a pipe dream (unless they cleverly booked this two or three match series to stretch out to October, but I don't see that happening.)
  4. I would love to see these two at MITB with Heyman not siding with anyone before the match and being the special guest referee. They can go so many ways with that.
  5. There is really no story you can put behind this. To me this is just a shallow feud to get people into buying pay per views to be completely honest. Punk being a small guy will help with Lesnar's style and I already know this match will be great just on that. I think this could work as an elevation feud for Lesnar, having him beat one of the top guys, because if Punk beats him then we get left with a big "now what".

    Lesnar beating Punk which probably will lead to Taker vs Lesnar at the next Wrestlemania.
  6. The story is that Punk has humiliated Heyman by leaving him and saying he doesn't need a manager. Heyman gets another one of his clients, Lesnar, to get revenge on Punk. That is a reasonable enough story.

    I see this feud running over two PPVs, MITB and Summerslam, but to keep it fresh and for it not to seem like a dull rematch at SS, Heyman must interfere at MITB. Heyman has a big part to play here.
  7. I say have Lesnar beat Punk at Summerslam, Punk goes away, Lesnar gets a title shot at Night of Champions, Punks costs Lesnar the match, and we get Lesnar vs Punk inside Hell in a cell, and that's when Punk gets his win back.
  8. Heyman hanging from a rope match.
  9. Well, it'll clearly have Heyman as a big part of it, at least for the start. After being neutral for some time, maybe trying to not make them fight, he eventually turns on Punk on the first match and while Punk's a face they wrestle a second match and that's it.
  10. Is it wrong I want Heyman to choose punk at first? Have them make up their differences and their friendship stays until Summerslam. Punk hits the GTS and gets the cover as the referee goes to count 3 Heyman pulls the ref out and clocks him, Punk sees what has happened so chases Heyman before Brick catches him with the Kimura. Doing it at SVS due to a very similar scenario playing out in 02 with Brock and Heyman.
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