WrestleMania Where will you be watching Wrestlemania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Think I'll be in my room since my PC is here, though I could go in the living room on the netbook again during the discussion thread. Bigger TV down there. Either way, dominos pizza, sweets and milkshake. [email protected]
  2. My house.
  3. That wasn't a very intelligent reply Sheldon.
  4. In a house FAR AWAY FROM HERE of place of unknown!
  5. On my 52' flat TV screen in MY room!

    I bought WM so Sunday will be the greatest WWE Live Discussion night for me of all time.

    I will also have my laptop right next to me so I can be part of the discussion thread and ofcourse to my right I will have some Pizza, Snacks, Ice-Cream, Candy, Chips and PEPSI! (I'm well prepared mate)
  6. On my laptop, since WWE isn't aired on Dutch TV. :facepalm:
  7. Doh, you posted this a minute before me.... Lol!!

    Hey savage... Got sand in your vag over me do ya? Seriously. DEFINE what troller means to you....

    Somebody help me here!
  8. u mean on all my thread and u said to piss people off ever though it not troll that is we call on YOUTUBE A TROLLER!
  9. Savage and Darksidetrin play nicely please or ignore each other if you don't get on by going to the others profile and pressing add to ignore list.
  10. I am playing nicely... I react to garbage posts. Every time I post something helpful eg: spellcheck is your friend I get called a GASP troller!!

    I want it defined by him. Is it so bad?

    I work with people with special needs! So I was just seeing a pattern
  11. I will be watching it on your mum<3
  12. You'll learn to love Savage. His posts are completely original.
  13. LOL LOL! U work with special needs!? YET OK! Were did u get that dregee JOE THE PUMMER? :lol1:
  14. Illegally in shitty Japan. What clown books a holiday on the day of Wrestlemania?
  15. Autistic*

    Dude you're scooping ice creams. He has a better job than you do. -__-
  16. Should look for some local wrestling, it'll probably blow the WWE out of the water match quality wise.
  17. The way he speaks the language is fascinating but the way he types it is so awful that I might consider drinking any time soon.
  18. if he telling the true!?
  19. What? :austin:
  20. I'll be watching it in a comfy chair surrounded by chips, dips, soda, candy. So looking forward to sunday.
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