where would you go if you were neymar?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. money aside which club do you think neymar should go to?

    I think the best club for him would be man utd as he would be the star player plus he would develop best under fergie which he wouldn't be at r madrid and barcelona
  2. IMO he needs to go to Spain at this moment in time, when ever I've seen him he's relished being given space by deeper defensive lines and when he's pressured he isn't as influential (the game vs England really showed this imo.) He'll learn to adapt but Spain is where he'll get that space a lot more. When he's around 26 I can see him moving to whoever the big spenders at the time in England, just not now.
  3. Without a doubt Real Madrid wants him, and Ronaldo (the old Ronaldo) is taking care of that it makes possible
  4. Whilst the physical side of the game is something Neymar doesn't quite flourish under yet; does it remind you of someone called Cristiano Ronaldo? He was tiny in his frame and was bad under physical pressure, but Fergie soon fixed that. I can see Neymar being the same to be honest. Great in the technical aspect, but needs to get a lot stronger to raise his levels of performance.

    I agree that Utd may be best for his development, but I don't see much development needed. I would send him to Spain personally. It suits his style of play and being around Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Puyol etc. will really mature his game.

    I don't think he's as bad against physical teams as some people think though. He flourished against Scotland and Argentina especially (who push high); think he just had a bad game against England to be honest.

    The mark inside of me will always want him at Utd however. He would earn Ballon D'or in no time under the GOAT Ferguson.
  5. Ronaldo was taller though and had a larger frame to add this physicality to him though (not saying Neymar has to become a tank like CR7 did he doesn't but I think you get what I'm saying) plus CR7 signed he was 18 I think, Neymar is what 21? How much could he further grow? A better example of the kind of player he could be is Suarez and his bounceability although I'm not sure he's got the mental aspect tbh.

    He could be another star as CR7 was or he could be another Robiniho and not really adapt to the English game.
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    They look the same if you ask me, lol. It's not about growing, it's just about getting in the gym and increasing your strength. Something Ronaldo and Nani have done pretty well since being at United. Though I still think Neymar doesn't actually need to bulk up that much. His play reminds me of Messi so much sometimes, and we all know Messi's strength isn't his main concern (though he still had to bulk up).

    I'm looking forward to seeing his future to be honest, because he's going to be a special special player imo.
  7. Even JeebaK should be able to see he'll be special, there is just something about him being kicked off the pitch at a place like Stoke in the rain which makes me think he won't adapt if that makes sense.
  8. To be fair, I see Messi himself struggling at Stoke in the rain. lol'd at JeebaK part.

    He'll flourish against teams who give him space, but I don't think high pushing alone will halt his game. It'll be strong technical teams like the Chelsea of last year that will result in him having poor performances in the early stages of his career imo. Sort of why I don't want him to come to the premier league just yet; it might actually ruin his development instead of helping.
  9. I miss him so much on Sporting :upset: we haven't won a title in SO long.
  10. I just hope he doesn't turn out to be the next robinho i think he needs fergie to help him mature as a player like he has done with rooney and ronaldo he has the talent but is too cocky at times fergie would change that although spain as you say suits his style of play more atm but wont play as much as he would for man u
  11. Yeah I agree. Fergie is the best man-manager in the world in my opinion and would definitely help Neymar progress as a player and as a person, but I think it's highly unlikely. Why?

    1) Neymar is already taking Spanish lessons, and is a huge admirer of Messi. If he has the chance to play alongside Messi, why not?

    2) Weather. A Brazilian will be much more attracted to Spanish weather than English weather.

    3) Chances of success. Joining Barca almost guarantees you 2 trophies a year and a lot of chances on the pitch to succeed individually. Joining an English club is a bit of a lottery, as it's easily the most competitive league out there and there is no guaranteed winner(s) for the next season.
  12. I wasn't as big a fan of global football when he was a regular at sporting, what he was like to watch? I've seen matches with him playing but not as many as you probably have.
  13. You could see he was a special player, he didn't have it all together yet, but his speed was blinding! His real coming out party was Euro '04 though.
  14. I think Sir Alex wanted him as soon as he tore John O'Shea apart in the CL. I remember that game; that's when I started to research him and watch the guy. So much confidence and ability for such a young lad at the time.
  15. My house...:gusta:

    Naa, I think Spain is no.1 for him, and after that maybe Italy.
  16. If he does go to spain madrid is probably the best option for him as long as he doesn't want the lw position and plays as a cf or st
  17. He's a LW who comes inside though. A position Barca need.

    Madrid will be unstable soon when Mourinho and Ronaldo eventually leave.
  18. Bassalona for me, although I'd love to see him give it a go under Fergie, I think the spanish style of play will suit him better, either way, if managed correctly he is going to be brilliant.
  19. Southport. Work you're way up from the bottom.
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  20. Ah right well barcelona is probably best but doesn't iniesta play there mainly although he could be moved behind him in a 433 its gunna be tough for him to get in the team
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