Where would you go with the Rhodes storyline?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Leo C, Sep 29, 2013.

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  1. So Cody was fired, Goldust came back to try to save him and got beat (in a good match all things considered), Steph forced Show to KO Dusty. Then Cody and Dustin attacked the Shield and all. Now the entire Rhodes family is going to be on Raw for another business proposition. Now I have two questions, first, where do you think they're going with this storyline? Are both Cody and Goldust getting their jobs back, are they going to feud with the Shield, where do you think it'll ultimately end up? And secondly, how would you book it if you had the chance? Discuss.
  2. Tomorrow on RAW, the Rhodes trio propose a 3 v 3 against the Shield at Battleground and if they win, Cody gets his job back. Cody picks up the win and Goldust and Dustin go away. Then you can work Rhodes as one of the participants for the SS 5 v 5 match.
  3. Dusty Rhodes vs Big Show in a ladder match.
  4. With it even going down to NXT, i expect this feud to build for at least 2 more ppv's after Battleground. I am not sure how it goes but i am happy to see Golddust back, and most suggestions ive seen from people over the last month all sound great to me. Golddust vs Cody at WM (dont know how it would get there but it would be interesting) Vince being face with Rhodes and eventually Bryan being a part of the destroying of the corporate deal, as well as random others.

    Whatever happens, im interested, i hope they find good ways to keep it going, even the beatdown was enough to keep it fresh.
  5. I say have Dolph, Cody and Goldust with Dusty as a manger go against The Shield. Then have Rhodes and Ziggler win and they get their jobs back at Battleground. At the Pay-Per-View, have Damien win the World championship too from Rob Van Dam and then set up a feud with Damien and Cody. I don't mind what happens to Goldust, but I do hope that they keep him around. He's still in great shape, and can be used for other storylines in the future.
  6. I suppose if Goldust was to return, him and Cody could get their jobs that and stay together for a while after they're done with the main storyline, then one turn on the other leading up to WM. Maybe even for a belt.
  7. Cody, Gold Dust, and Dusty are going to come into the ring. Triple H & Steph will come out with the Shield & Big Show. Yap, yap, yap. B.S. hits Cody, G.D., and Dusty. Triple H and Steph will laugh and walk from the ring. Randy Orton will come out and RKO the three prone wrestlers. Randy smirks at the audience, leaves to his theme music. *** OR, *** The Big Show **finally** says "..The heck with this.." and power bombs Triple H **and** Steph. The Shield come into the ring , ready to confront the B.S., when every wrestler in the WWE comes storming down the gangway and into the ring. When they leave all that''s left of The Shield are a few pieces of clothes.
  8. Yeah they took them to the backstage, naked. Spot on bro, i like it.
  9. We'll finally find out if The Shield have main event bulges. That's the only indicator of long term success.
  10. The Shield beat down the Rhodes family tomorrow on RAW, that sets up a 6 man tag at Battleground... Apparently Cody Rhodes is booked for Pro Wrestling Syndicate once his 90 day no compete clause ends.
  11. My storyline goes something like this......

    They offer Cody vs Goldust at battleground on Raw tonight. Winner gets a job.

    Cody wins the match (and job) by beating Goldust. Turns heel to show HHH he could be next face of company. Remember, he desperately needs a job.

    Then he goes after Big Show because of knocking out Dusty. They get a match at the next ppv
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