Where would you like to see WWE's rising talent going from where they currently are?

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  1. Dolph Ziggler - Love the guy, one of the most unique among the rising talent, considering his in-ring work and the fact that he doesn't have any relatives who were legends in WWE. This guy looks he came from the attitude era. I would love to see him get a decent but longer reign at the World heavyweight championship title. Hes one of those among the rising talent who deserves such the most and of course, one of the few that has the most potential right now though I wish he would improve his mic work. If WWE does give him a long reign at the title, then he should be switched back to the middle card and/or Intercont/US title division(but not permanently) to help elevate other middle card to the main event.

    Wade Barrett - Love his character as well as his mic work. WWE seems to be/has misused him especially in the middle card, for some time or another, hes been jobbing to top babyfaces which doesn't suite him. Right now, I have say, I agree with those who say Barrett needs a main event/world title push. But as much as I like Barrett, I would like to see feud with a few top names and eventually being put over by them, before ever becoming World heavyweight/WWE champion.

    Miz - Love his character and glad for him being face and having his own host show like Chris Jericho. Miz should have another run at the IC title, and a feud with a few top name's to strengthen his comeback to the world title/main even scene. How about Jericho-Miz feud,

    Rhodes Scholars - Love the name for this team. Both good wrestlers, have average wrestling skills I believe, Love Sandows mic work. I hope we get to Rhodes scholars get a run or two at the tag team belts, then afterwards Rhodes scholars should split with Chody becoming face, and maybe diamond sandow can remain heel.

    Curtis Axel - this guy seems interesting, not one of my favorites but still. Hopefully a long run at the IC title though its good that WWE didn't suddenly throw him into main event/world title scene. With paul heyman at his side, it looks like Axel will go to new heights somewhere down the road.

    Sheild - Love this trio, but they need a huge storyline sooner or latter before they become stale. I don't know about their titles push, because the titles division that they are in, are the weak ones which could hurt their push. Tag title division will hopefully improve after Money in the bank or summerslam ppv, US titles and tag titles are hardly being defended on raw n smackdown whats up with that?. But it looks Dean Amborse has a better chance of becoming big than rollins and reigns, who will end up the tag or middle card division. Question now, is what happens to Ambrose's character once the shield split?.

    Fandango - Talented but hate the gimmick, Johnny Curtis has way more potential to be having such a stipud gimmick. I think this gimmick will be dropped sooner or later, cause Johnny Curtis can't be taken seriously with this gimmick especially if he ends up in the main event/world title scene.

    R-Truth - same thing as Fandango, how about R-truth gets a 70's hip hop guy gimmick. you know, It would definitely work well in the PG era, he can promote a return to traditional hip hop through his gimmick.
  2. Agree with this except Miz. Miz doesnt belong in the main event scene. He is mediocre in the ring but has improved and yet needs more improvements to be considered Main Event, The I-C title shouldnt be held by Miz either, The I-C title is on someone with who has brilliant talent and was over looked for a long time. Miz imo needs better mic skills, Whenever I hear a Miz promo its the same thing. Most must see champ, Why I deserve the title, Im the Miz and im awesome. Miz TV is mediocre and non memorable, The only Miz TVs I remember is him being destroyed by Lesnar and Punk insulting him on the lie detector. Miz needs to improve to regain the main event status.
  3. R-Truth = rising talent?

    wtf lol
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  4. I respect your opinion and all, but the Miz is the worst face in the history of wrestling. The dude is just born to be a heel.

  5. I find it quite ironic that you call The Miz "mediocre" and calling Curtis Axel "a brilliant talent". The only reason that you think Axel is a "brilliant talent" is because he's attached to Heyman. His promos have been atrocious ever since the push (hence why he has a mouthpiece in Heyman) and he's yet to have a match where he's shown that he's worth all the hype around him. The only time that I've seen potential from Axel in ring was during his matches with Tyson Kidd so I'm going to denounce them because ... Well, he's working Tyson Kidd. I'm not saying that Axel doesn't have potential, but you've given no evidence that he does or why he's a "brilliant talent". So, yeah ... Please explain that.
    Despite The Miz being "mediocre" he's proved that he can get over well as a heel by himself and be seen as a legitimate title contender whether it be mid card or main event. I'm not saying that I like The Miz, but give credit where credit is due.

    The lack of Curt Hawkins in this thread disappoints me. :(( The only two that I can agree with are Fandango and Barrett. I did find it funny that your way of making R-Truth seem fresh was to give him another hip hop gimmick.

    - Mystical George.
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  6. He may be over as a heel to casual fans but theres nothing that I see that makes him a heel, He just seems to have the same promos which causal fan seem to dislike. I never said Axel was great on the mic, Having Heyman there fixes that, In ring he is great, We are yet to see that after his push.
  7. Does anybody else ever imagined how Fandango was born? I don't see a baby, I see a miniature version of Fandango with his ring pants and boots, dancing out of his mother's vagina, then he opens his arms and a dancer pops out of her dancer and they dance out of the room.

  8. If he isn't doing anything heelish to you, but he's still getting heat doesn't that mean that he's doing his job very well? Usually the guys who get booed just by opening their mouths are the most over and The Miz was at that stage once. I don't see how you interpret him as being a bad heel when he got over just by saying that he was awesome and being annoying, that's actually kind of impressive.
    As for Axel, you're confusing me. Can you give me some examples of his great ring work? Because you say that he is great, but that we are yet to see him be great in ring? I'm puzzled about what you're trying to say to be honest with you.

    - Mystical George.

  9. He was born at the back of Studio 54 popping out of his mother's womb and straight into the middle of a gigantic dance circle. This is common knowledge.

    - Mystical George.
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