Where would you want Fallout to go next?

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  1. I'm a big fan of the Fallout franchise, Bethesda in general, but Fallout has a better story than the Elder Scrolls imo because it's more relatable. Anyway I'm getting off topic. I was thinking about where Fallout could be taken next. We've already seen it in Washington D.C & Las Vegas, what place would you like the series to go next?

    inb4 Cornwall
  2. New York could offer some interesting environments but I think the big risk would be it all taking place within a cityscape considering the size of New York City and around lying suburbs. Texas could be interesting but could end up being similar to California (desert) but it could give us the element of raiders from "south of the border".
  3. Take it out the States and into somewhere like England. Not just cause I'm from there think it'd be cool tbh.
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  4. I would think New York too, but I would think that city would be blown up completely. I don't think the suburb thing would be much of an issue since there are some areas that are like that around the area.
    The desert aspect of Texas also depends on where in Texas.

    I would like to see them take it to China since that's who the war was against
  5. It would be cool to go to other countries. Maybe not china right away. I think it would be cool to see what happened to the countries caught in the middle. The ones that weren't prepping to nuke their opponent off the map.
  6. Sounds like your country :haha: & Canada
  7. Japan after the Hiroshima bombing would be interesting to me.
  8. I heard rumors about Boston being the next fallout area, i'm prayin we get a new game soon. Doesn't matter to me where the area is.
  9. new york LA or florida i wanna see if micky mouse survived
  10. new york LA or florida i wanna see if micky mouse survived
  11. They could take it to Sunderland, it could even be in present time, there are countless mutants here anyway.
  12. Fallout Sunderland would be such a horror game.
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  13. I'm at work and i had to try to hold back my laughter
  14. Florida would be perfect for a fallout game as there is both city and wilderness. Miami immediately comes to mind
  15. Those fucking swamp. Alligator hillbilly mixes and whatnot.
  16. They had that in Fallout DLC now that I think of it. Point Lookout to be exact
  17. Have they done polar/arctic? If not Alaska and Canada would be a cool setting. Plus you would have Russia on the other side of the Behring straight as a scary mythical foe.
  18. Yeah they have actually. Well sorta. I forget exactly what, but there was some DLC where you spent a large majority in this frozen area battling Chinese soldiers in a simulator to get some suit. It was in 3, but that game had like 5 different DLC's so i forget the names of them all.
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