Where's Big Johnny?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DK James, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Alright, stick with me here. A few months ago, John Laurinaitis randomly appeared on Smackdown to say he was back. Yea, well we've seen no sign of him since then. Back when he was active I despised the character and rooted against him in everything but I'm actually starting to miss him. With Vickie's job being under question recently, could we see the REAL return of Big Johnny?
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  2. Between Trips, Vince, Stephanie, Vickie, Brad, Teddy, Booker... They just don't have any room for a EIGHTH authority figure.
  3. Very true. But Teddy and Booker had a small little storyline going but that's slowly dying so Johnny could take over there.
  4. #PeoplePowerSandwiches - DKJames & Roray
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  5. With a spread of Farooq
  6. I miss him.
  7. People Power > anything on Raw atm (aside from DBry ofc)

  8. I'd trade in all of those assholes for Big Johnny.
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  9. You and me both brother. In a heartbeat.
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  10. He was entertaining. Hoping he returns in the future, not just a one-nigher as that time with Rock but another run would be nice (when they have less authority figures actively ofc).
  11. Big Johnny was probably the best RAW GM since Eric Bischoff,I'd love to see him return.
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  12. He was so boring to me. I'm also bored of general managers, in general.
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