Where's Christian?

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  1. He is not on TV for 4-5 months now and he didnt appear on TNA HoF ceremony or Bound For Glory. Any news about him? :sad1:
  2. injured, ready for return soon probably the rumble
  3. I honestly didn't know he was gone till I read this.. LOL
  4. Last we heard, he was due to come back late November, early December, but im guessing that hes probably going to be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble
  5. Christian has gotten injured quite a few times recently.
  6. Sadly he's getting older now so injuries will catch up with him.
  7. 0.01, why is your cash fucked up?
  8. Its going to start with the lot of them over the next 5 years. Most of them are older and more prone to injury.
  9. The system doesn't want Seabs to have money
  10. Re: RE: Where's Christian?

    Always holding a brother down...
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    Where the fuck is my money, I demand chairman for compensation.
  12. I believe WWE didn't have any storylines for Christian, so instead of sticking around, I believe he asked for some time off. Don't quote me on this because I read it months ago and I'm not going to go dig for some article right now.
  13. Heres hoping he gets one last run.

    On this topic sorta was watching a 1PW DVD an was pleasently surprised when Christian popped up in it.
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