Where's Goldust these days?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Last I heard he was helping the divas division...
    I haven't heard much since and that was like 6+ months ago.

  2. He works Indy dates... I follow him on twitter
  3. Working Indy dates.
  4. Last I seen him he was wearing a mask in the indys
  5. He will wrestling in my home town an hour from me in January but i probably wont make it.
  6. I heard he was fired because PTP nearly broke Yoshi Tatsu's neck in their first match or something, but he'll probably get re-hired soon as they always are. Currently he's in the indies, yes.
  7. He married aksana i think (kayfabe)
  8. He got released because he suggested a spot for some superstar and it went wrong. It was a long time ago, so i don't really remember.
  9. Fired? :vince:

    That kinda sucks. I was never a huge fan but I always thought he was a funny dude.
  10. Double Powerbomb on Yoshi Tatsu.
  11. Wasn't exactly a fan but no doubt he was a great and entertaining wrestler. Actually had no clue he even got fired, that sucks.
  12. Goldust was great when he first debuted, sucks how he got turned into a comedy character.
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