Where's Kane

Discussion in 'RAW' started by JUSTSTEPHEN, Sep 23, 2013.

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  1. Kane ent been seen in ages and I just want no we're is he and if cuming back
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  2. Kane is filming a movie, See No Evil 2, he'll be back some time in October.
  3. Really frist film was good cant wait four Kane to come back
  4. He's not filming a movie. I locked him in my basement.
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  5. Glenn Jacobs aka Kane is filming See No Evil 2
  6. LOL When people don't read the above posts. I think he got the memo the first time.

    But in case you didn't, he is doing a movie, See No Evil 2

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  7. False. He's locked in my basement.
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  8. Kane is eating dinner in Wyatt House.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned it already, but Kane (Glenn Jacobs, yeah that's right, I said his real name because I'm such a bad-ass smark) is filming a movie entitled "See No Evil 2", sequel to "See No Evil".

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  11. Can you lock me in your basement?

    Wait.......nevermind........ *_*
  12. I think he is either filming See No Evil 2, eating dinner with the Wyatt Family or locked on Stospot`s basement

    I`m not sure if someone mentioned it yet :troll:
  13. Filming a porno.
  14. Backdoor Burns XXX
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  15. Maybe Glenn Jacobs is getting a bit of time to do some government politics he really is into that
  16. sodomized by the wyatts
  17. He is either:
    a) Buying a new car
    b) Getting his hair styled
    c) Searching for The Undertaker
    d) On vacation
    e) Trying to renegotiate his contract
    f) All of the above
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