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  1. http://www.examiner.com/article/wwe-news-brock-lesnar-may-only-wrestle-two-more-times-for-wwe
    Referenced : http://411mania.com/wrestling/update-on-wwes-plans-for-brock-lesnar-john-cena-and-roman-reigns/

    Saw this article today. I'm not sure I get the logic behind giving the belt to a guy who is never there. Someone has to beat the guy eventually, but if he's never around to impose his will and beat down the opposition all the time is the fact that he is champion as impressive to you when he actually loses it? I get the feeling WWE is trying to hit a 'reset' of sorts on the championship picture by removing the belt from normal 'rotation' for awhile. Right now it's not working that great for me.

    Cool that guys like Ziggler get to shine in the meantime though.
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  2. Why should Lesnar need to tear through a roster that isn't impressing anybody?
    He's beaten Cena, Punk, HHH (and took out HBK), Undertaker and Big Show. Those wins are more impressive than the entire rest of the roster combined.
    Would anybody really want to see Lesnar take out Ambrose at this point? People sh*t bricks when Cena took out Wyatt.

    WWE lacks integrity which is why Lesnar was given the title in the first place. Whatever takes place is WWE's fault. Period. END OF STORY. CASE CLOSED
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  3. You fucked up, WWE.

    There are like 5 months till Mania and before we get to that, Lesnar is only gonna do two of those, including WM31? That's fuckin' BS. Better strip him of the titles then.

    This rumored Lesnar vs Cena match at WM31 is a dogshit idea. Nobody wants to see these two going at it again, especially not in the ME of WM31. They should've done it at Survivor Series or should do it at TLC with Cena losing and that's it... Plus, I'd much rather choose the lesser evil and have Reigns defeat Lesnar at Mania, than see Cena vs Lesnar for the 4th time.

    Get your shit together, WWE.
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  4. They knew Lesnar only was on for a part time schedule, they should've done a little more planning to take care of this storyline smoothly rather than irritating some fans even further.. I'm more of a mid card guy anyway so it doesn't bother me too much but still planning this a little bit better would make the transition that much smoother.
  5. Do not care about Brock or the title make of that what you will. I give Brock credit though he has the best part of the bargain
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  6. I'm fine with him leaving so then I can stop getting my hopes up for a full time Lesnar. Surely he has the money to shoot innocent animals for the rest of his life without working another day in his life.
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  8. damn it wrong fourm sorry
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  9. :dafuq:
  10. Continue to love this and actually think they're doing a nice job creatively in his absence, but do have my doubts about Survivor Series. Am not sure if Ambrose vs Wyatt or the 5-on-5 is a strong enough main event for that former big 4 show.

    Remember those rumored matches he had against Big Show and Mark Henry? Aren't we all glad we were spared those?

    Outside of the whole "anyone makes a good underdog vs Lesnar" story, I have no idea how you could book a challenger for Brock Lesnar anyway. If Ambrose had won clean he could have worked his way up to the title, but now he's tied up. Orton vs Rollins is the better matchup at the moment. Had they not done everything in their power to beat the shit out of Cesaro there's the obvious backstory there, but as is, I'll gladly just take grudge match main events over COTM garbage.

    Miss you Heyman :okay:
  11. WWE World Heavyweight Championship? What's that?
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  12. They negotiated a deal with Brock where they could use him for as many dates as they'd like, but are apparently deciding not to due to the fact that it's a lot harder to get a return on their investment (given the enormous amount of money they pay Brock for every match and appearance) now that everything is on the Network instead of PPV.

    I didn't mind the notion of Brock skipping one or even two PPVs, but skipping three in a row is atrocious from a personal/creative standpoint. And Brock never having a successful title defense against an opponent not named John Cena is even more disappointing. I know there's no bigger name in the company right now (or for the better part of the last decade) than you can beat than John Cena, but still.
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  14. It's not really about Cena's kayfabe credibility as we know he has plenty, but it's just annoying to see them have such a special attraction on their hands and not give us a variety of different matchups or put over 1-2 other younger guys besides the Rumble winner (if they do that, maybe they won't since we all predict him jobbing to Reigns at WM). There's no more story to be told with Cena and Lesnar. The only thing I can think of to do at Rumble is a repeat of the Summerslam match to put over a "new, focused Brock Lesnar" going into WM, which would be okay since the Rumble match is the selling point of that show.

    Assume it would be just fine for current storylines to let Orton beat Cena and give us a different match. Maybe even better, he can start yelling "Triple H, ever since you took over I've been right by your side, but you got tired of me and shoved me aside to do the bidding for this clutz over here! While you all were worrying about your glorious golden "measuring stick" over here in his fancy ass suit, I just took out a 15 time champ inside Hell in a Cell, so I don't need you and I *rko to Rollins*"
  15. I think pretty much everyone was hoping for Brock vs Orton. Not just because Brock has already steamrolled through Cena, but because it's fresh match that's never happened except for once when they were both rookies in 2002, and Orton being a 12-time world champion and the guy who just last year cleanly beat John Cena to unify the world championships means he's a noteworthy opponent for Brock to defeat. For what it's worth, there's some rumblings that Cena and Brock might happen at TLC, so maybe we could get Brock/Orton at the Rumble. The fact that Orton dropped Heyman with the RKO makes me think some sort of seeds have been planted for a future rivalry. Brock never lets any abuse towards Heyman (verbal or physical) go unanswered.

    To be honest, as much as I like the whole notion of Lesnar wrestling newer superstars and giving them some sort of rub, there's not a whole lot of viable candidates who are worthy of having a match with Brock. There's Bryan, but he's injured. Cesaro would have made for an excellent bout, but they squandered his momentum away. Ambrose being crazy enough to challenge The Beast would be great. Sheamus would make for a great stiff match, although Sheamus has already failed as a main eventer and wouldn't benefit from any type of rub. Beyond that, seeing Brock collide with a bunch of superstars at once inside the chamber would be awesome, but of course they decided to pick this year of all years to get rid of it as their February PPV.
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  16. I'm not going to disagree with you said there.
    Tyson Kidd would be a great match up for Brock Lesnar.
    WWE might like to fool you into believing otherwise. Kidd is, no doubt, one of the best wrestlers on the entire roster

    I agree with your 'newer superstars' premise, but a Kidd/Lesnar match would be a high quality one off bout that would surprise a lot of people.
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  17. Kidd is a great wrestler. Sometimes I wonder why guys like R-Truth and Woods are better positioned on the roster than Tyson. I mean they're jabronies, but still it'd be nice seeing Kidd a little more frequently on the main roster. But at least we get to see him in NXT, though, putting great matches with Mr. Miraculous Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville and Tyler Breeze.

    But I guess they don't wanna do the 'newer superstars' premise. Imagine how awesome DBry vs Lesnar would've been if Bryan wasn't injured, or Cesaro vs Lesnar or Orton vs Lesnar. But I guess they just wanna rinse, wash, repeat like they pretty much always do and say 'Hey folks, it's Cena vs Lesnar, you get to see this only 4 times in a lifetime.'

    So I say, do Lesnar vs Cena ASAP, at TLC for instance. Then make Brock work the Rumble with either Orton/Ambrose/Cesaro. If you can't afford him, then it was stupid putting the WWE-WHC on him. Lesnar got the best of the bargain, though.
  18. I'm not sure Woods is any better positioned than Kidd is. When's the last time either guy was on TV that often? That "Smart Athletic Friends" (still a super gay name) group still hasn't become official on television yet, whereas Kidd is at least being featured pretty regularly on Total Divas, or at least he was from I heard (I can't be arsed watching it myself to find out for sure.)

    Yeah, Tyson Kidd is a great wrestler, but to me he's the quintessential great wrestler with no charisma or personality to make himself stand out. He's this decade's Charlie Haas. As fantastic as a match between he and Lesnar would be, he just doesn't have anywhere near a promising enough future as a star to really warrant such a match and no way would I ever waste a PPV buildup on him.... not even something like the Rumble where they can afford to have Lesnar fight a lesser opponent since the Rumble is the main attraction anyway.
  19. I can confirm that for ya. Big story line is a possible divorce between him and Natty on TD. I kind of think it's all fake but I don't pay attention to their real life stuff outside of the show. It's reality TV so I doubt it's for real lol.
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