Where's the CM punk merchandise?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by posiimage, Sep 13, 2014.

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  1. Where is all of the CM Punk merchandise? WWE has removed most of CM Punk's merchandise off of their WWE Shop website and with the four items they are still pushing, they have drastically decreased the prices. The belief is that this is indeed a reaction from WWE in regards to the 22-page legal letter that Punk's lawyers sent them. Apparently WWE is trying to get rid of as much Punk merchandise inventory as quickly as possible right now, regardless of profit.
  2. Why should they sell merchandise for a guy they don't have under contract?
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  4. Don't see why they should continue to sell his merchandise when he isn't there anymore. Makes no sense.
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  5. Them slashing his merchandise down to bargain basement prices is a pretty funny tactic. They did a similar thing with Eric Bischoff in 2010, where he rubbed them the wrong way with something he said in an interview (when he was no longer with the company anymore) and so they cut his book 'Controversy Creates Cash' down from like $24.99 to only $1.98.
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  6. Hey great deal for fans getting cheap merch. An like ppl said why sell it when he has gone as no doubt he would then be owed a percentage of the profits.
  7. In response to the original topic:


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  8. If you want to make yourself look like a jackass there are cheaper/easier ways than buying CM Punk merchandise.
  9. I think its as smart a move as they have done for quite awhile now
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