Which 3 wrestlers should be used for the banner?

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  1. I probably should've consulted Crayo or Xanth before making this thread but anyway.. Do a list of 3 WWE guys + a TNA one in case they get chosen to have a place.

    By the way, this will most likely have no bearing on who gets chosen anyway but hopefully enough votes for someone could be enough to make a difference.

    Ziggler +12
    Bryan +10
    The Rock+1
    Chris Jericho+6
    Mascara Mark+1
    Big Nose+1

    Aries +6
    Bobby Rooooooo +2

    The guy voted by the fag who didn't read the thread properly+1
  2. Santino


    Del rio

  3. 1 post in and we already have trolling :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Aries, Ziggler, Bryan, Add Undertaker into it behind the three for mainstream appeal.
  5. Let's have a poll on our forum's 3 wrestling darlings. I say it should be Aries, Ziggler, and Bryan.
  6. The Rock
    Chris Jericho
    Randy Orton
  7. Dolph, Cody, and Roode
  8. Aries, Ziggler, and Bryan.
  9. Steen Bryan Aries all holding a world title = :fap:

  10. Retract my votes lol


    i might give it a go making it. MAYBE IT WILL GET ACCEPTED O_O AN PUT ON FORUM
  11. Ziggler, Aires, Jericho

    Smashing, thanks for using smilie
  12. Note: There will always be one recognisable casual mega-face. It's up to you who (Rock, Cena, Taker, etc).
  13. Taker as the icon in the middle, Bryan as the WWE hero, A Double as the TNA guy and Steen as the ROH guy. Everyone gets a bit of what they want.
  14. Doesn't it have to be 3 guys though ? If we come up with a list of guys to officially choose ie: One icon, one WWE favourite and One TNA favourite ?
  15. Aries is a favourite but he doesn't really have that face to be up there imo. Roode would be so much better.

    Not keen on putting RoH up there, I understand we're a wrestling forum but even a lot of smarks don't watch RoH and him being there would mean no Ziggler or Bryan etc.
  16. Y2J, Bryan and Ziggler.
  17. Fine then, I'll adjust for the noobs. Roode, Taker, ZigZag and Bryan.
  18. Will the limit be 3 guys ?
  19. I'm not sure. It depends if we choose to just replace that or have the header redesigned. If it's redesigned I'm hoping to fit around 6 or so.
  20. Me, Dolph Ziggler and Mark_htfc. Instant million new members.
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