Which angle are you looking forward to most ?

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  1. Obviously these aren't official yet, but which fued are you looking forward to most in the next few months?

    Brock Lesnar vs Triple H - Obviously this is meant to be the big summer angle, it's getting the most build/advertising etc and has the biggest names.

    Personally I think it will be a massive let down. I have a feeling that they're gonna build Lesnar up again just to be buried by big nose. The match itself should be very good though which is a plus point + Heyman should manage to make me interested in the non-wrestling segments.

    Excitedness rating - 5/10

    John Cena vs CM Punk - This one is very promising for me. Hopefully they will just let Punk be Punk and rip Cena a new one whenever he fancies. I like the story that they seem to be going for that Punk is jealous because despite the fact he's the WWE champion Cena still matters more than him. It should be entertaining and hopefully both guys will bring the interesting sides out of each other.

    Excitedness rating - 8/10

    Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio - I'm delighted that they've gone for this. I would've been pissed off if they had made Rey return against anyone else as he would surely be annoyed at the guy who had put him out for a year.

    These two will produce a very good match and the story basically writes itself. I'm not a big fan of Rey but I'm looking forward to seeing him back in the ring.

    Excitedness rating - 7/10

    Daniel Bryan vs The Miz - Just me who really doesn't like the though of this if it happens? It seems to me like they're toying with a Bryan face turn which I sincerely hope doesn't happen. I don't think the two of them have great chemistry from the past and I'm not looking forward to anything about this fued.

    Excitedness rating - 2/10

    Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho - This could be one of the best mid card fueds in god knows how long. The mic segments will be epic with a much improved Dolph, who, is now a pretty awesome mic worker with Chris Jericho who's currently the best in the world at the moment on the mic. The match(es) will be different class - Ziggler is just about as good as anyone I've seen in the ring recently and Jericho - as he proved at OTL and last week's SD - is still one of the best in the ring. I seriously think they can produce a 5 star match if given time.

    Additionally they are both really over and are ridiculously charismatic.

    Excitedness rating - 10/10

    Which ones are all of you looking forward to and how excited are you out of 10?
  2. Ambrose vs Foley!! 10/10
  3. I would've put that but we still don't know if that's happening :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. :(( of course its happening!! It HAS TO HAPPEN!
  5. Ziggler vs jericho :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Yes but even if it should happen it still isn't certain :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. Triple H Lesnar.
  8. If there's an Ambrose Foley angle then it'd be that, but if not I'll go with Ziggler v Jericho, Bryan v Miz is a close second.
  9. DZ and Jericho. It seems to have great potential and it's something we haven't already seen or don't want to see.
  10. I don't know, I'm looking forward to all of them.

    They are all really good ideas, ill take Ambrose.
  12. They all sound promising except Bryan/Miz. What a crap feud that will be.
  13. Ziggler/Jericho obviously. this NEEDS to happen
  14. Ziggler/Jericho. All of the others ready happened except HHH/Lesner.
  15. Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H - Should be built up very nicely by the time Summerslam rolls around the corner. Two great wrestlers, and both can still put on a great match nowadays. There will be plenty of hype surrounding this, obviously. It seems to me like the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H is going to be like the John Cena vs. The Rock from Wrestlemania, but at Summerlam and most likely on a lighter scale. I also think they will put on a great match, as well. I think Lesnar will win the match at Summerslam, therefore winning the feud (don't see it going farther than Summerslam, to be honest). Excitedness Rating out of 10 - 7.5/10

    CM Punk vs. John Cena - Most likely will be going n for two-three PPVs, so the hype will be there. The Poster Boy vs. the WWE Champion, how can this not be good? One of the best in the business against John Cena. They will have a match at the 1,000th episode of Raw. I want to see how personal this feud gets, because of Punk's shoot from last year. It could be a good match, might be average if it's a typical," Cena take lead for first five minutes, Punk dominates for 10 minutes, Cena comes back and wins" type of match. I do think it won't be like that and will be a nice match to watch, at Summerslam. I predict that CM Punk will win the feud... Excitedness Rating out of 10 - 8/10

    Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz - I really like this feud. Two wrestlers who are worthy of being called main eventers, yet are pretty young. I wonder if one of them will now have to turn face, but I would actually like to see a Heel vs. Heel feud, I haven't seen one of those in a long while now. Both are good on the mic (Daniel Bryan has improved / The Miz is currently great on the mic). Both can wrestle, but I do think Bryan is a bit better of a wrestler. Both wrestlers have won a world title once in their career, meaning they know how to perform at the highest level. Overall sound sike a good feud. It think The Miz will won the feud, honestly Excitedness Rating out of 10 - 9/10

    Alberto del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio - Sounds like a good feud. It can go either way, but I honestly see Rey Mysterio winning this feud. I don't think there is any way that the WWE will let Mysterio lose in his first feud after coming back after a long, long time. They have wrestled each other before, so they do have a bit of chemistry. I doesn't seem like there will be plenty of build-up to this feud, though, which disappoints me a bit. Excitedness Rating out of 10 - 7/10

    Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler - This could honestly end up as the best midcard feud of the year. We have two great wrestlers, two guys who know how to work the mic, they can both put on a show, etc. It will be fun seeing Ziggler sell the Walls of Jericho. lol.... I think that Ziggler will win this feud to build him up even more for when he wins the WOrld Heavweight Title, he will look even better. It should be a great match at the PPV, though. Excitedness Rating out of 10 - 8.5/10

    Overall Excitedness Rating for Summerslam 2012 out of 10 - 8/10
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  16. Liked, very HQ post ^
  17. HHH vs Lesnar and Y2J vs Ziggler.

    Guess Zig's will cash in after SummerSlam..
  18. Good read, liked.
  19. Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho, I really feel this feud will break Dolph Ziggler out into the main event.
  20. DZ v Y2J for obvious reasons, and a close second would be Bryan v Miz they are two of my favourites currently and both deserve to be way bigger than they are and I think this feud can help them do that.
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