Which brand do you think Samoa Joe will go to?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The Phenom, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. With the new NXT stars being called up at an accelerated rate, its only a matter of time before we have Samoa Joe walking around in the yard with the big dogs but that brings up the question which yard RAW or SMACKDOWN? The Blue pill or the Red pill? LOL but I digress Which brand will be the new home for Samoa Joe?

    I personally feel that "The Samoan Suplex Machine" will end up on SMACKDOWN
    I'll explain Raw is going thru #KOMANIA right now and I couldn't personally be happier "He Deserves It" But it wouldn't make sense to throw him in that mix their is enough going on there with #KOMANIA #Rollins #Reigns #Zayn #Lesnar
    So it seems that the best place for Samoa Joe would be SMACKDOWN LIVE LORD KNOWS they need BIG name stars on SmackDown they really need contenders for that title. So the way I see it The Face that runs the place will come out victorious over The lunatic Fringe which will then lead to a TNA Classic in STYLES vs JOE Never seen on WWE TV
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    Your thoughts, opinions and feedback?
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  2. SmackDown. They need the names as you say, and Styles/Joe is something I'd like to see.
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  3. Yes! It would be epic on WWE TV and We know that they would really have a great series of interesting and unpredictable matches

    Styles vs Joe Best out of 3 Falls or Extreme Rules would be match of the year candidate
  4. Smackdown so we can get the Joe vs Cena feud those two have been working towards since they were in wrestling school together
  5. That would be nice cena needs to lay down and let joe take the feud It's best for business
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  6. If he goes to Raw and we're deprived of this I'll cry.
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  7. upload_2016-9-4_9-45-17.png

    I Agree Brother!
  8. Smackdown just makes more sense because RAW is already stacked and we would get Joe/Styles and Joe/Cena...sounds good to me.
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  9. SmackDown.

    They need to step their heel game up and Joe is the right guy for the job.

    Plus, Joe/Cena and Joe/Styles is something everyone wants to see.
  10. I'm saying Smackdown like everyone else. Smackdown would be a very good place for Samoa Joe to test the WWE roster, before moving onto RAW.
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