Ring of Honor Which company do you think Steen will go to?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Crayo, May 18, 2013.

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  1. Unless of course you think Steen will be in RoH for the rest of his career, which company do you see him going to? WWE, TNA, or perhaps even staying on the independants?

    It's shocked me that no one has put all their chips into their offer to try and get this guy yet, but it's only a matter of time imo. I've always thought he'd come to WWE, simply because he is a big guy and unique (rather large physique but moves like a cat). I think he is pretty close with The Rock too if that helps, and HHH seemingly has a new hobby in signing top independent talent. Whether I think WWE is the right choice for him or not (yes and no) is irrelevant, I just think he'll end up there one day.

    What about you?
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  2. WWE. Steen has been clear on multiple occasions that he has no intentions of going to TNA. He doesn't care about the company or keep up to date on it but still keeps up to date with WWE and is friends with a lot of guys backstage (the ROH alumni, Curt Hawkins, JR and Hornswoggle to name a few). It's WWE or indys for him and he could make a fine living on both. He says himself that he is in a well off financial situation but is looking to drop weight and get in better shape to "move on up" this year. I watched an interview with him yesterday were he talked alot about this (shape and such, Steen apparently doesn't work out at all).
  3. If his knees pass the medical then he'll be in the WWE by 2015 IMO, whether it'll work out is an interesting one however.
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  4. That like is for your sig.

    I had no idea Steen was a TNA hater. Random. He won't make it in WWE, sadly. Hope I'm wrong though
  5. WWE is your best answer to the thread title. It's impossible for a talent like Steen not to end up in a #1 promotion someday.

    He doesn't hate TNA at all (he has a lot of friends there too), he's just like Callihan. He wants to make huge money and be in a #1 company, and that company is not TNA. Pretty simple and I see where they're coming from (and who isn't?).
  6. Difficult question, I think he would choose WWE since his buddy El Generico is on NXT.
    But it depands on the Briscoe's, If WWE is to scared with the attitude of the Briscoe's (See Mark Briscoe's anti gay comments)
    Then why should they pull Steen into there company?
    The Briscoe's and Steen are even worsed then Punk as it goes about ignoring the "WWE rules".
    I would love it but, I bet that they would be alot of trouble for WWE.
  7. WWE for real, he'll make a lot of damn good promos, good money, Number #1
  8. I'd like to see him in WWE, but very unlikely.
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