Which country to win the olympics (FOOTBALL)?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Olympic rules state all players must be 23 and younger I think apart from three. You're allowed three overage players. I strongly think Brazil will be winning this.

    It's not about country vs country now, it's about the youth. Brazil's youth were awesome against US, they have the likes of Neymar, Hulk, Danilinho, Lucas etc. With their overage players probably going to be Marcelo, Silva and X (not sure on last), they'll be incredible.

    Who do you think is winning? Spain? Most of their awesome players are over 23 (Iniesta, Xavi, Xabi Alonson, Villa, Torres, Puyol, Pique, Ramos, Arbeloa etc), however, they did win Euro under 21's.
  2. They have the Hulk?

    How will there be a pitch left?
  3. Brazil for sure


    The USA will win the women's gold :boss:

    Rapinoe, Morgan, Solo, Wambach. come at us hoes
  4. Alex Morgan.. :gusta:

    But Brazil will win..
  5. Really? English womens are sick. I don't follow it though so no idea lmao.

    Our under 21's got to the semi's of Euro 21's and only lost narrowly to Spain so we MIGHT do okay. We got the ox, welback, sturridge, cleverely, jones. But you look at them and compare them to Neymar, Danilinho, Hulk and Lucas and you just cry.
  6. Brazil will win Crayo, admit it, lol.

    Alex Morgan.. :gusta:
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  7. I actually like women's soccer lolol. My friends bag on me for it, but I love to follow it during the WWC and the Olympics. Hopefully we get a final match between the US and Brazil and it can live up to this hype

  8. Son, I am disappoint.
  9. Come at me
  10. Lmao..

    Just noticed uh.. Is Nick Diaz, Enrique Iglesias?
  11. Changing the subject because Holland suck I see? #HeelTurn
  12. Argentina or Uruguay.
  13. What youth players do Uruguay have that are stars? They have 2 or 3 decent overage players sure.

    Argentina is a toughy. Messi still doesn't perform well for his country, Di Maria is an overage star, Lavezzi is an overage star, Aguero is an overage star, Tevez is an overage star, Higuian is an overage star...
  14. When will we know what over 23 players the countries are taking? is that list available somewhere?
  15. Uruguay has a shitload of talent, trust me on that. They're not "mainstream", but them and Paraguay are tough as fuckk. And Suarez and Forlan = 'NUFF SAID.
  16. No it's not available yet. Euro's have to take place first.

    It's obvious though to football smarks. Argentina will most likely be Messi, Aguero and Di Maria (Tevez is a pain in the arse, Lavezzi is inconsistent and Higuian isn't as good as Aguero or Messi).

    Brazil had their three playing in the US match, but I have no idea who the third was, I can't remember -.-.

    England are having Beckham, probably Giggs and no idea on the third. Ours are more for nostalgia than competition though.

    Holland will have Robben, Van Persie and Sneijder most probably.
  17. England trotting out Becks = me rooting for them to take it down

    WAR England
  18. Damn straight, Beckham is still very good imo as a CM. His passes = Scholes like.
  19. Becks can still play. He and LD are the Batman and Robin of MLS.
  20. :facepalm1::dafuq::haha::dawg::upset::bury::dawg::obama::dawg::burns::facepalm1::tensai::rock::facepalm::emoji_hushed:tunga2:
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