Which current NXT talent do you most want to see on the main roster?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Crayo, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. At one point we had a flurry of NXT members we all wanted pushed up. We had Bray, Roman Reigns, Rollins, Hero, etc., so who's that one guy (or girl) who needs to be on the main roster? Who's standing out at the moment?
  2. Rusev could be a nice addition. We need a nice midcard monster. Almost as big as Brodus but far more athletic.
  3. Zayn is a pretty big stand out.
  4. Zayn eventually obviously but for now, nobody honestly. We had a ton of call ups over the past couple of years, and NXT is feeling the ramifications of that now with a watered down roster and lately a pretty boring show. We've had a lot of new talent infused into the main roster lately, let NXT replenish its roster for a bit now.
  5. Right now, nobody. If there's an opening in the upper mid-card then call up Sami asap. There's nobody else I'd call up. Neville will just be lost in the midcard, people like Aiden, Bo, and Breeze are entertaining but wonder how their gimmicks will work with Raw crowds, I never want the girls called up... Who else is there?

    Actually, there is one. Lets have Enzo Amore driving his little scooter around talking shit on Raw :win:
  6. +1 for Rusev. Need more big heels and he seems to be ready as he's being used for dark matches. Obviously I like Neville, Zayn, Breeze etc, but I'm struggling to see how they could make an impact on the main roster now.
  7. I get everyone loves Generico, me too, but why rush his call up? Let him have a lengthy NXT Title reign first.
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  8. Yup yup. Zayn deserves that belt. Better to keep him on NXT until the time is right to bring him in.
  9. Yeah I'm an advocate for Rusev in there, also on the Diva's side of the equation I'd like to see Emma.
    Let Zayn win the Title from Bo, have Bo Rematch and Lose but then Have Bo earn his way in a match onto the main roster at ppv pre-show!

    So Rusev, Emma, Bo
  10. The main roster is littered with guys with nothing to do already. Let Zayn tear up NXT for as long as possible, I say.
  11. Because it's nice to be a blind fanboy every now and then. :haha:

    He's ready imo, but it's probably best to wait until the dead post-Mania period to inject some life into the product. We can't get excited about Sami while we're still gaga over Big Dave and Little Daniel.
  12. He was born ready, but the state of both the main roster and NXT roster tells me he should just chill in NXT for the foreseeable future.
  13. Certainly wouldn't mind that, either.
  14. I really want Emma up there, in the way of males going up then I'd say Sami as he's about the only one who's gimmick I don't think is terrible.

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  15. After watching this week's NXT, I'm totally sold on Rusev. dude is a barrel chested stud
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  16. Paige/Emma.
  17. Defiantly Emma. The reason why I don't want to see Paige is because I do think she is a little repetitive. and i don't like seeing that, I like seeing diva's switch it up a notch or two and Emma defiantly brings that to the table when it comes to movesets.

    Paige hasn't impressed me quite enough to make it to the top.
  18. Eastern European beefcake.
  19. For me, Rusev, any new diva really (the division NEEDS it sorely), and I'd kind of like to see Neville up there. He's pretty impressive. Not a fan of Bo. Probably has to do with the gimmick he has now, but I'm not really impressed by his in ring stuff much either.

    I know Mojo Rawley is new and has some time to put him but I like his style (except his finishers). The trunks need to be redone though. Who thought putting a big blue...whatever that is....right in the middle of his crotch surrounded by a yellow explosion was a good idea? Creative: Ok we're going to have you say its a "hype" gimmick, but really you just have a huge dick and we want to accentuate that fact. So wear these.

    Is this what is referred to as the ME bulge @Dolph'sZiggler ?
  20. Booo Neville!
    The only thing that makes him good is the Red Arrow other than that he's relatively stale.. However I do think we may see him take the belt from Bo though during the Feb. 27th LIVE NXT show. Only because I'm thinking Bo is about to get called up within the next few months.

    Other than that, Rusev should be called up any moment.
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