Which Current WWE Wrestler Will Be Its Top Star in 2023?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aaron, May 20, 2013.

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  1. Big E and Amrbrose most likely, but I think Reigns will also get up there by then. Rhodes isn't being used that well, and Reigns has the wrestler look that Vince loves.
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    I gotta chuckle a bit at them saying that Ambrose's way of talking is "unique". There are tons of wrestlers doing the same schtick. Ambrose is simply one of the best at it combined with his other positive qualities that WWE wants (Size, look, work rate, raw charisma etc). He's a safe bet to be a top player in the company as long as nothing onfortunate happens.

    Gotta say Reigns will probably be a top dog in the future. He has everything WWE wants in him plus the lineage and talent.
  3. I can see Dean Ambrose as WWE's biggest star.
    Daniel Bryan will be at 1 point no doubt and I see Big E as the next Bobby Lashley.
    There is plenty of room for NXT stars to fill in that spot.
    Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes are great options but, i have mine doubts.
    I would like to see Wade Barrett and Kassius Ohno as 2 of the biggest stars in WWE.
  4. 2023? Who the fuck knows? If they had said five years from now, it might have been more easy to guess. Not even Hogan and Austin lasted ten years starting from the point of their prime in the same company. Cena's almost there, but few really thought back then Cena would still be the #1 star today. The person who is the top star in 2023 is probably someone not even in the company yet.
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  5. Dean Ambrose could lead the WWE into a more optimistic future as the top star in the company.

    I also heard that Hunter was fond of Brad Maddox, so that is in his favour.
  6. Ambrose, top star? Ah man, you marks are taking things too far.
  7. I agree with Lockard.
  8. It's too far but yeah, maybe Ambrose or Rollins are good superstars for the future
  9. Lol cena. He will restart his WM count and have a longer streak than taker. Until 2040
  10. Way too far in the future. But in 3 or 4 years? Ambrose, Reigns, Ryback. WWE is racist and I just do not see Big E dominating the scene. Ambrose is the safest bet. His mic work is simply in a league of its own sometimes and has the ring work to back it up. I see no reason for him NOT to be at the top, as he's not just some vanilla midget imo.
  11. WWE is racist? Is this because there was never a black WWE champion if you ignore half of the Rock's family?
  12. I'm shocked this is new to you Seabs.
  13. I actually agree with this. I fucking love Ambrose, but I don't really see him becoming a Cena, Rock, Hulk, etc.
    He'll probably be someone like CM Punk or Edge (top heel/#2 guy), which is still pretty good.
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  14. Yeah that's his spot same as Bryan, neither of them have that humongos feel those guy had.
  15. WWE is racist. Notice they only let Big E go over the main eventer who happens to be Mexican?

    white power
  16. For me, it also has to do with not imagining him as anything but a heel. I think he could be the equivalent of a Piper as far as being a great foil for various baby faces in the main event and upper-mid card, though. I believe he can be a top heel in that category, which is still essential and very important. Someone like Roman Reigns has a better chance of being a big breakout main event baby face star (probably not the next Hogan/Austin/Rock/Cena though.)
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  17. So there's hope for us Titus O'Neil marks? :yay:
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