Which direction is Bryan heading into?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. (here's the promised thread @Snowman)

    Daniel Bryan is seemingly set for a huge pay-off at Wrestlemania, right? He had the struggle with The Authority and subsequently lost, but the pencilled in plan that many of us thought was going to happen was him winning the Rumble and getting his win at Wrestlemania. Now, with Brock Lesnar coming back, do you think it's still heading into that direction? Was it ever a direction for WWE officials? Because, as much as I hate to say this, Daniel Bryan probably isn't a big enough name to headline Wrestlemania in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

    There's also rumours Undertaker has requested his presence in his match, and Undertaker normally gets what he wants. Furthermore, he's now with The Wyatt's, and while this could be some temporary filler storyline until the main one starts it's a possibility it replaces the pay-off.

    Personally, I'd love to see Bryan win the Rumble and then challenge Brock Lesnar for the title at Wrestlemania. It's arguably the dream match I want to see most in the WWE. I think the match itself will be excellent, I think the feud will build itself (massive beast vs courageous underdog), and the payoff Daniel Bryan will get for going over someone like Brock Lesnar - who has beaten Punk & HHH cleanly in his recent matches - at Wrestlemania for the biggest title in the company will be huge. Is there a better Wrestlemania moment?

    Anyway, what direction do you think they're going to go with?
  2. I would love for him to headline Wrestlemania and wrestle for the WWE World Championship, but, I think Punk will win the Rumble. I would love to see Bryan Vs. Taker. So, I think he goes to face Taker.
  3. Seems obvious to me he will face Bray seeing how that feud has been built I don't think they can wrap it up or drop it before Mania.
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  4. I think the Wyatt feud will end on Elimination Chamber with Bryan, no matter which direction he heads. The obvious is with the Rumble him winning and fighting the world champion at Wrestlemania for that line. As for the line with Undertaker, I think he'll earn the Deadman's respect, and Undertaker will be part of this feud for a bit until Bryan snaps out of it. Then, it'll be a respect match between the two instead of a grudge Wyatt puppet vs Undertaker.
  5. I still think there's a reasonable possibility of Orton/Cena/Bryan happening. Bryan winning the Rumble and going over two veterans to become WWE Champion would be a great moment. As for how do you make it a three way since only one guy can win the Rumble? Well, other than Cena arbitrarily finding a way into the match like Michaels did at XX, you could have Cena win the title at either the Rumble or Elimination Chamber (as one of the six participants) and have Bryan win the Rumble and then just when it looks like it's gonna be Cena/Bryan in a rematch from Summerslam, Orton comes in and says he's guaranteed a rematch for the belt and thus it becomes a triple threat. Orton losing the belt right as the build to Mania begins is also the perfect way to start to show cracks in The Authority's armor (HHH roasting Orton for dropping the ball and warning him that they're through if he doesn't reclaim it at Mania and whatnot) and start the build to their impeding downfall at Mania.

    I doubt it will go down this way with Batista being on the card as well as Lesnar apparently going for the title and Taker fighting a different opponent than Lesnar, but it could still happen.

    Bryan/Wyatt will wrap itself up with a singles match at Elimination Chamber IMO.
  6. I think the comments he made on him not being able to beat "the machine" with him then subsequently joining The Wyatt Family speaks a lot. I see The Wyatt Family turning face and joining his war against "the machine", with their goals and intentions changing in the middle of it to go against Daniel Bryan and once again turning heel.

    Daniel Bryan only has one direction in my mind, and that is to the climax of this authority storyline. The way he gets there and it ends can go in many ways, but he's definitely heading back into the authority storyline if those comments are to be taken seriously. And honestly, I hope those comments are to be taken seriously. The whole angle would then be about something and have a clear goal as opposed to the complete mindlessness and randomness covered up by "cryptic" comments its had up to this point.
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  7. Bryan may not be a "big enough name" to main even Wrestlemania, but just like with Punk at 28 it may not main event. Taker/Cena, Taker/Lesnar, Lesnar/Batista, Rock/Anyone... Lots of things could main event over Bryan's quest for redemption. There's a lot of ways they can go for Wrestlemania.

    (Of course our first instinct is that they'll screw up the storyline since they've screwed up everything else, but with Triple H running Creative now this deserves the benefit of the doubt. Be optimistic.)

    Crayo, they HAVE to do something big with Bryan at WM this year. The fans are more invested in this guy than they have been with anyone for a long time (see Gohan's video) and the fans are too skeptical and their feelings are too hurt for them to screw him up any more. But for now we have no idea where this Bryan storyline is going and that's what makes it fun. Fully expect them to announce that Bray Wyatt AND Paul Heyman have been working for the Authority the whole time, and this whole "mid-card burial" of Punk and Bryan was essentially an effective work by the Authority to keep them out of the title picture.

    Long post.
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    Option 1: In the Rumble, Bray and Bryan are in the ring together. Bray is there in the corner waving his hands around, controlling Bryan like a puppet and helping Bryan go apeshit and wreck shop like he hasn't done in a long time. Then at the end, Bryan sees the big Wrestlemania sign and realizes "Ya know what? Whether or not this Wyatt propaganda is true, it's time for me to make my own destiny", gets his grip on reality back and wins the Rumble... so while this Wyatt thing wound up being an unnecessary obstacle, having his morals tested made him more sympathetic (isn't that right, Cena?) and they set up Bryan vs Orton vs Wyatt with the odds legitimately stacked against Bryan.

    Option 1-A, the Crayo special: The same thing as that happens, except Triple H really flips his shit after Bryan wins the Rumble. He starts bitching and moaning and acting irrationally and brings up how he can't risk Bryan winning the belt at WM, how that would ruin the show and kill buyrates and other stuff, and since Triple H already doesn't trust Randy in kayfabe since he couldn't beat Bryan clean, so he reenacts a shitty WCW finish (either Bash at the Beach 2000 or the Finger Poke of Doom) to switch the belt over to Brock with as little trouble as possible (ruining Orton but who cares) on Raw and says "Really, Daniel!? If you want to win the belt so badly, have fun running through Brrrrrroccccccckkkkkkk Lessssssssnnnnaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!" Would mark if Triple H and Heyman said that at the same time.

    Option B: With Bryan being a puppet of the sinister Bray Wyatt, it's up to Cena to save the day! Cena feuds with Bray up to Wrestlemania and they have a match with Bryan's sanity on the line. Just bringing this up as a "Don't forget they're still stupid enough to do this" mention even though it would suck more cock than Kelly Kelly in a frat house.

    Option C: Bryan breaks free of the Wyatts and comes to his senses all on his own and has a blowoff match with the Wyatts at Chamber as Triple H screws Punk out of the title. After learning that the last few monts of crap they've gone through have been at the hands of the Authority, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have their sights set dead on Triple H and attacks him. Michaels makes the save setting up Punk and Bryan vs Corporate DX at Wrestlemania. This is probably the most likely scenario and wouldn't be a bad way to go, but the fans really want the title on Bryan.

    There's a bunch of other options, but whatever they choose it can't suck. They have too good of an opportunity in their hands.
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  8. "The Devil made me do it"
    What if he fought with Bray, and then just before he finishes off the entire Wyatt family, out comes taker. Marked your tits off huH?

    Anyways, Probably just feud with Wyatt up until mania. Don't see him winning the rumble
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  9. I don't know, but I would also mark hard for Lesnar/Bryan at Mania. Holy shit, that would be incredible.
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  10. Why don't you think he can win the Rumble? The guy is the most over on the roster by a country mile and the way his involvement in the title picture ended it only seems inevitable that there's more to come from that feud.
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    THIS, already said it before on here. Bryan's ultra faceishness will more than likely bleed over onto the Wyatts if they are going against "the machine" to get Bryan his title shot like they promised. I don't see him winning the Rumble right now though.

    Here it is (open)

    Holy shit @Danielson, that would be AWESOME. Not going to get my hopes up though. That happens you are getting the props my man. BUT, what if the "Devil" WAS the authority and the Wyatts plan on stabbing him in the back when he gets to that championship shot they promised him. Think about THAT!
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  12. I know what you're saying. I just have a hunch it's going to be reigns or batista. I could see Bryan and Bray fighting at mania, or maybe even taker? I don't know. As much as I want Bryan to win the rumble, and think it makes sense, I'm not going to hold my breath. I figure if I commit to a "big" guy that vince loves, that maybe he'll surprise me.
  13. That scenario seems fun too, but WHAT IF the devil is VINCE!? and Vince starts up a stable to oppose the authority.
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  14. Vince is due for a return
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  15. How about he headlines WM wins the title! After which it comes out that the Wyatts are actually the good guys recruited by Vince to take down The Shield and The Authority. Bryan knows this which is why he has joined as Vince has and always wanted Bryan as the face of the company but had to deal with HHH and Stephanie and there ego's!
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  16. If he was up your ass you'd know which way he was headed.
  17. This idea of the Wyatts going face here sounds wholly implausible. They're a brainwashing cult who in their minds has just managed to take a guy who was already beloved by the entire audience and change him for what in their minds (and not anyone else's) was for the 'better', and yet that's gonna magically turn them face? I'm not feeling it at all.
  18. Didn't Bryan say something about "having something to teach them" in that after match promo on RAW even though he's with them to learn to be a monster? :hmm: I could see it happening
  19. Simply put, anyone who doesn't realize Bryan is going back to normal and kicking the shit out of Bray Wyatt is a completely dense ****. What other conclusion to this is there? Daniel Bryan whooping ass is the conclusion.
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    Just watching RAW and way to kill the Wyatt's and Bryans momentum by having them lose! What the hell. Bryan being in the Wyatt's was a strange choice but hey least they'd get a rub and Bryan would come out looking a beast as they demolished the roster. But no they have them lose and take last weeks cliffhanger and just destroy it.
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