Which division is the strongest in ROH currently?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Title kind of says it all. Which ROH division is the strongest right now? Do you have any particular reason for feeling that way and how would you improve the others?

    For me it feels like the strongest division in ROH currently is the tag team division. With the Briscoes right off of taking the titles off of Scum (Corino and Jacobs) and still involved in a little bit of a feud with them as well as recently defending against Thomas and Coleman. Partnered with the return of the Wolves and them feuding with O'Reilly and Fish there seems to be something happening in it constantly. Throw in the Bravado's as well as the still lurking (I think) Guardians of Truth it seems to be the most stacked division at the moment.

    The main event scene needs more players. The downside of Steen's dominant reign is that he has kind of buried the rest of the main event beneath himself. But if ROH can build some new top talent they can fix this easily.

    The mid card just needs more focus. A bit of restructuring and establishing some new talent to play with the likes of Strong, Cole, Haas (If Benjamin is WWE bound, otherwise he will tag), Titus and Chiampa. The top prospect tournament is a nice way to introduce new talent and get them onto the show with the wheels spinning so to speak.

  2. I think the mid card is the best division overall. IMO the only real tag team left are the Briscoes, the others all seem to be two guys thrown together for something to do. Ciampa, Bennett, Cole, etc are all good workers who will elevate that TV title.
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