Which do you prefer

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. Bryan Danielson

  2. Daniel Bryan

  1. Bryan Danielson Or Daniel Bryan.

    And why? Explain :-)

    I choose Bryan Danielson because he did even more moves as BD than he does a DB. It's almost impossible to make a list of every move this guy has done in the indies, but I can assure you the list is vast.

    Daniel Bryan to me is a good character though, he does it pretty well. I will say that his backstage segments are slightly better than his promos in ring. He seems less nervous when he is working with other people
  2. Daniel Bryan because I don't know much about the other part of his career other than what I've seen in that documentary and recommended matches
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  3. It's a bit of a hard choice honestly. I wanna lean towards Daniel Bryan because he still has the best moveset in my opinion in WWE, and is tremendous on the mic, and his weakest link and Team Hell No characters are entertaining, but Bryan Danielson is the badass who could put you in virtually any move and put on a 5 star match without breaking a sweat.
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  4. Daniel Bryan. BD was a good part of his career but character is important in wrestling. It is an entertainment business.
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  5. Daniel Bryan. Love his character now.
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  6. I'm going with Bryan Danielson. It's his real name and I loved him in ROH. His theme was better than the actual theme imo. His move-set as you said, Danielson, was broader. ROH was a great show to find new talents and Bryan was a great talent. I'm not a huge WWE fan if I'm honest.

    Those little things make me thing he was better as Bryan Danielson.
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  7. DB - He needed to improve his charisma for the wwe.
    He was able to do more as he was on the indies, and it was more about wrestling then story line.
    wwe focuses a lot on story line and entertainment outside the ring as well as in it.
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  8. Well 8 for DB and 4 for BD. I guess i'm wrong :okay:
  9. A preference is never wrong. Silly! :woo1:
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  10. Daniel Bryan.

    I remember reading on a news site in 2010 while Daniel Bryan was in NXT that there were officials and others in WWE that felt Daniel Bryan (don't know if WWE christened him as this name yet but whatever) was too bland and average looking to really make it in WWE. His response was something like he'll show that he can still find a way to stand out amongst the muscled up men and pretty boys. Fast forward to where he is now and he's accomplished that. His career is at the highest it's ever been.

    I've barely seen most of his ROH stuff but considering Watch Wrestling just put up the ROH Bryan Danielson: The American Dragon DVD, I might check some of his old matches out.
  11. Don't lie to the man
  12. Daniel Bryan Only because I have never seen him in ROH
  13. Are we keeping this relative to the promotions objectives?
  14. Which ever you liked more. You can take it anyway you want, and let us know
  15. Daniel Bryan, he proved to a lot of people that he could get over in the WWE and he did just that.
  16. I bet Bryan himself would say Danielson, but I'll have to go with Daniel Bryan, simply because hes improved vastly promo wise, and is hands down, one of the most entertaining guys in the WWE right now.
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