Which Do You Prefer?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Some people like nicknames some people would rather people use their real names...
    Which do you prefer?

    I honestly don't care either way. Nicknames tend to have some background fun to them, but that is not always the case when someone calls you something to make fun of you.
  2. :senhor:
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  3. I love nicknames, I just don't ever get any D:!

    Not related but wanted to post it.

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  4. I've really never had a nickname. But I gave alot of nicknames to others.

    Maybe one day i'll be honored enough to receive one back!
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  5. I prefer to be called WP or my real name, April.
  6. April is a pretty name. :happy:
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  7. Nicknames.
  8. Aslong as you nickname people after the Turtles and Splinter, I'll call you April xD!
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  9. I don't have a nickname except for when people abbreviate my first name to just Kev, and whether they want to call me that or just refer to me by my full name (all of two letters longer) makes no difference to me.
  10. It really depends... If for example I'm out with my friends I like them using my nickname, but when I'm at work or with my family I prefer them to use my real name.
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  11. People call me Sam, my family calls me Junior. Everyone here calls me Farooq. Which do I prefer? All of them :yay:
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  12. I call you B.O.B.
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  13. Boxes ovah, boxes ovah, boxes ovah, boxes ovah bitches in the crib!
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  14. No... Boxes > Bitches :dawg:
  15. Message editor :tough:
  16. :awyeah::awyeah::awyeah:
  17. When I was younger I had a horrible nickname. Hated it, and would always rather have been called by my real name. A lot of times I would just ignore people who tried to call me by it.
    A cool nickname would have been fine. On another forum I have changed my name, but some folks still call me by my old one. That is fun.
  18. My nickname is my internet username. Jwab. Some of my friends have accidentally called me Jwab. Also, My aunt calls me Mr. Magoo from South Sioux.
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