which female wrestler who wrestled for the WWE is your fave?

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  1. my favorite is Trish. she was very innovative in the ring, and was also credited as the toughest diva in history of the company. she always did hard work in the ring and always worked on getting more skills in the squared circle.
  2. Lita. I always caught her more extreme style of wrestling more enjoyable to watch, and she just seemed pretty badass whether she was a face or a heel.
  3. AJ.
    But talking about wrestling skills and so on ...
    When I was a kid I used to love lita and trish
  4. TBH Melina because of M'N'M
  5. ^ This
  6. I've been avoiding posting in this thread for awhile because for some strange reason I'm finding it hard to give a conclusive answer to this question. Unlike with male wrestlers where I have a definitive answer in Shawn Michaels, with the diva's it's a bit tougher to come up with one. I've tried to do this by breaking it up into sections; favorite in-ring competitor; favorite on the mic; favorite in my pants; and then combine them altogether and see who comes out be even then it doesn't feel right. So lieu of actually answering your question, I'm going to throw out a bunch of names that really stick out to me.

    The first person who does, and this is no surprise looking at my post history, is Eve Torres. <3 Eve. One of the most beautiful Diva's they've ever had in my opinion (I've got 183 pictures on my laptop as evidence), but I'm not shallow enough to judge solely based on looks (granted, what makes someone attractive to me isn't solely looks either) because if I did Maria Kanellis would definitely be getting a mention and she isn't. Eve is also really good in the ring. Her match with Kaitlyn at the Raw 20th anniversary was my favorite part of the show and I enjoyed that match entirely because of Eve. She's also had several of my favorite diva matches period, I loved her series with Beth (who I won't mention but she's awesome too). Her mic skills are admittedly the worst part of her arsenal, but by diva standards I think she's really one of the best (though I can think of a few that are better than her) and she also obviously kept improving on them so yeah, it's hardly a negative by the tailgate of her career.

    Okay, I'll keep the others brief. Melina & Trish Stratus/Lita are the other ones that immediately pop into mind. Melina for awhile was my favorite but that's change over the past few years. I really can't comment on her mic skills as I don't recall her getting all too much time on the mic to showcase them, thus the tragedy of being a female wrestler, but from what I can recall she was okay. In-ring though she was great, having several matches I really loved (like her match against Michelle McCool at Night Of Champions 09 & the I Quit against Beth Phoenix). Trish & Lita are obvious but who I prefer depends on criteria. Lita will win if the criteria is in-ring ability, Trish wins in the other two categories and kind of easily but I do tend to evaluate the wrestling portion higher. Finally, shout out to Mickie James.
  7. Stacy Keibler. Her boot to the throat to an opponent in the corner was awe inspiring.
  8. Has to be trish stratus or lita for their in ring ability! But the toughest was definitely CHYNA!
  9. Strictly on wrestling ability it has to be Kharma. I don't even think she had a match in WWE, but I'm still counting her.
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  10. Beth Phoenix, she was one of the best Women Wrestlers around, Wish she was back D:
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  11. Does Sara Del Rey count? She is under WWE contract so if so here then Kharma
  12. I actually liked Nora Greenwald or Amy Dumas AKA Lita the most.

    (Nora is best known as Mighty Molly or Molly Holly,)
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  13. For sure, Eve Torres. I'm a beliEVEr
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  14. Of all time? Probably Chyna. She was strong, built like a wrestler & could wrestle. She had some great matches & funny moments as well.
  15. Mighty Molly & Hurricane were funny together. :lol1:
  16. :true: and she was a really religious woman with good morals.
  17. Eve wasn't the best wrestler, but she strived to improve and had some athletic ability. She wasn't the best actor, but she made a more convincing babyface when she was faking it than most divas did when they were legit babyfaces. She may not have been the hottest, but she always commanded your attention when she did her little poses. She had a great combination of everything you wanted in a woman's wrestler.

    If the Divas division had any relevance in 2012 and didn't have the asinine restrictions that prevent it from getting over at all (if the crowd apathy wasn't enough), Eve could have been a legend in the industry.

    Shout out to Maxine, too. I miss you! :please:
  18. Lita also was awesome. Think she had a relationship with Matt Hardy...
  19. And Edge and Punk and the other half of the lockerroom I think.
  20. I know, the best thing was her way to fight. She adopted the Twist of Fate also, and for me that I'm a huge fan of the Hardy Boyz is a honor :true:
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