Which feud would you rather?

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  1. The three options are:
    The Miz VS Dolph Ziggler
    The Miz VS Cody Rhodes
    Dolph Ziggler VS Cody Rhodes

    To me, these are the 3 top stars of the future. I think in 5 years from now they will be looked at as the John Cena, Randy Orton and CM Punk that we have now.
    Personally I think all of these feuds would be awesome and can't honestly choose which one I'd want to see. All are good in-ring and are great on the mic. I think if any of these feuds happened, they could easily be feud of the year. Anyway, what do you think and which feud would you all rather?
  2. Currently? None. They're all heels, and there should be some faces putting them over instead of them fighting each other, I think. Although I'm sure Rhodes vs Ziggler would be an awesome match.
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  3. Dolph Ziggler vs Cody Rhodes in a WHC feud.

    Miz isn't in DZ's and Rhodes' league atm, Miz is IC Champ, and DZ and Rhodes are WHC material.
    It would be epic to have them wrestling each other because they can work really well, and can make their opponent really good. DZ and Rhodes were the two top guys for the MITB match. And a feud between them would be epic.
  4. All of those feuds would be good, but I think I'd have to go for Miz vs Rhodes. Eventually the miz will lose the IC title (sorry about that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:) and i'd want him to lose it to cody as he is a great person to have that title. helps to keep it look prestigious.
  5. Bro, think bigger. I'd rather have Rhodes job in some WHC matches and then win it. IC is done for him. :smug:
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing. The promos these 2 could have with each other would be awesome and the matches would be
    just as good. BTW the Miz will never lose the IC Title, at least not until he goes back into the
    world title picture.
    And maybe a few months ago Cody could have been thrown into the world title picture. But after a few months of barely being used I think WWE have to at least give him a few more feuds before he can be a world champion contender. That's just my opinion.
  7. Dolph Ziggler Vs Cody Rhodes would be the feud I pick because they're the best wrestlers out of the two. I'm not saying The Miz can't wrestle, but he's not as good as those two. However although the matches would be good the actual story of that feud would be better with The Miz on the mic as a heel. The Miz is an excellent talker and he could really get people invested in the feud. The match however wouldn't be as good if compared to the other two. Since I'm more of a fan of the actual wrestling, I have to go with Dolph & Cody.
  8. The Miz vs D'Z vs Rhodes for Intercontinental Title
  9. Dolph Ziggler(face) vs Cody Rhodes(heel) for the World Heavyweight championship.
  10. Are you fucking kidding me :dafuq:

    Face Dolph Ziggler?
  11. Ziggler shouldn't turn face, it would ruin his whole gimmick imo.
  12. Cody Rhodes vs Dolph Ziggler
    The Miz v Randy Orotn
    Cm Punk vs The Rock
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  13. This.