Which Fighter Games Would You Like To Cross Paths

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    For Example, We had Mortal Kombat Vs DC, Street Fighter X Tekken, Etc which ones would you like to kinda cross paths and make a game?

  2. Persona 4 Arena and BBCP.
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  3. What a badass combination.
  4. Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros.
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  6. Shaq fu vs eternal champions
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  7. Jwab has my first answer and than I'd want to see Soul Calibur cross with any 2D fighter a la Kombat, Street Fighter, Blazeblue etc
  8. dc vs marvel vs Capcom vs mortal kombat vs Robocop vs terminator vs star wars vs family guy vs everybody.
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  9. Hmmmm, no one mentioned Dead or Alive yet, so I'll say that and SF. Just so we can see Cammy and Chun li's boobies do all that bouncing.
  10. Eternal champions, HA! Just saw an advertisement for that the other day going through old comics. I wanted to pull off the death moves SO BAD
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  11. SWEET. Man I miss stuff like this
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  12. The pauses before the gruesome scenes made the game a little bit more unsettling then mortal kombat's series.
  13. Not sure if you know but, this might be happening.

  14. When they get elminated insteaded of their body's flying out of the arena, body parts fly out and hit the screen. haha.

    Looked up what the first one was and never played it. I want it now.

    Ugh Soul Calibur! <3 Yes!
  15. Interesting combination.
  16. Anyone Remember Battle Arena Torhsidein (I think i murdered that name)
  17. :shock:

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