Which games do you wish had multiplayer?

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  1. Short and simple which single player games do you wish had multiplayer?

    My pick would have to be the Fallout series since the thought of a Co-Op game is very tempting. Another one that would be cool is the WWE franchise, now i know they have online, but i'm talking about in maybe a season mode type deal where you can team up with a friend in a storyline
  2. Elder scrolls but that'll be fixed here shortly. I'll rollwith metal gear solid
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  3. Dishonored.
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  4. Some of the Smackdown vs. Raw games had that. One where you one of you gets to be Batista and the other Rey Mysterio and another one with Cena & Triple H. I didn't play either of them though, as I despise Road To WrestleMania. Raw 2 did have a multiplayer season mode though, it was fun (especially since you never even had to interact with your friends, you could just go off and do your own rivalries and stuff). I know you mean the recent ones, and I agree but I'm just throwing out that some have done them.

    I'm mainly throwing this out here because I can't contribute much else. Nothing is really coming to mind though I will say any game that has online multiplayer but not local multiplayer should have local multiplayer. Those instances really piss me off.
  5. I'm not sure if saying Skyrim counts since the multiplayer Elder Scrolls game is already in motion, but I can't wait for it. Would be so boss to play that shit with other people.

    I agree with you that Fallout would be pretty freakin' boss as a multi too.

    I'd also personally love if there was some Kingdom Hearts multi. A bunch of people being able to wield keyblades/x-blades trying to be the best keyblade wielder of all time. That shit cray.
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  6. I think moreso than anything therea re a lot of games id rather play multiplayer online.

    Bonanza bros, toejam and earl, and many others already have multiplayer just cannot be played online (ps3 has it but you jerks dont get mic chat during game. So what is the fucking poing)

    Otherwise skyrim, (which will be online soon) and GTA5 (not looking at it until the date gets close enough)
  7. Well skyrim is just one chapter in the Elder Scroll Story. The new one will have all of the territories (including skyrim) from all the games that have been made.
  8. Skyrim is going to be a territory in the game but it's not centered around that specifically like the individual game was in the Elder Scrolls story.
  9. State of Decay
  10. Yeah isn't it all of Tamriel or something? Either way it looks so awesome.
  11. Me fappin. Needs to have multiplayer.
  12. Yup marrowind, oblivion, and skyrim are all confirmed. The events take place about 1,000 years before the skyrim title.
  13. That has a multiplayer option, video chat with friends :ksi:
  14. Half Life 3
  15. When that happens I will cease to exist
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