Which is better?

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  2. It changes for me from time to time. When Raw has those boring shows, it's hard for me to keep watching, with the Raw rebounds on Smackdown it's easier for me to keep up with Raw while enjoying Smackdown, and not having to deal with the three hours.
  3. I'm going to say Raw. Storylines never really develop on smackdown so at least i have something i might enjoy when watching raw
  4. Raw hands down.
  5. Raw, for sure. Smackdown is like a glorified Heat.
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  6. I called it a glorified superstars earlier :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  7. The reason I chose Raw was because of better storylines, they don't have superstars such as CM Punk and John Cena on a regular basis, Raw is live. There are plenty of reasons why Raw is the better show.
  8. Same thing. Except for the endless Raw recaps on SD, as if there was someone who watched SD and not Raw.
  9. raw for the storylines but SD this week it won over raw
  10. RAW has more storylines but that isn't always a good thing considering the current length of the show and how Vince constantly rewrites them.

    Smackdown has better match quality and their stories are often easier to follow. They also focus more on younger talent. RAW will always be the better show over Smackdown sadly since it is the main show with higher production values and effort put into it. Professor Paddy Scannell said that "The quality of a show is based on the labour and care put into it" (I am paraphrasing) and I think that speaks for itself. If Smackdown was live and had as much effort put into it as RAW then we could talk serious contention between the two. Smackdown for now will be a steady second.

    NXT is the superior WWE show since it has great match quality, good stories that are easy to follow and only young talent with great skills in the ring. NXT > All WWE shows at the moment.
  11. RAW, it's silly to suggest SmackDown is better to be honest.
  12. I couldn't agree with this any more, Smackdown is starting to come along well, hopefully we'll see Daniel Bryan and Kane revolutionize the tag team division on that brand as they will get more time no doubt.
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