WrestleMania Which match are you expecting to be a disappointment?

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  1. Now that we have the full card out in the open, which match do you expect to be a disappointment?

    ***I am not saying which will be the worst, but which you are planning on enjoying that will likely end with you being disappointed.

    I am going to say the HHH vs Reigns match. I plan on enjoying it but I can see myself being disappointed. I am hoping HHH retains just cause I want Reigns to flip out completely. lolol
  2. Taker v Shane probably won't be all that great aside from some spots here and there. Hope I'm wrong though.
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  3. Reigns and HHH.

    Although I'm kinda, since they won't push a Cena heel turn, will they push a Reigns heel turn and have him play to the crowd that way? Could work for him imo. The guys not that bad anymore! It'd be huge!
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  4. Brock vs. Ambrose honestly, just the thought of a run in puts a bad taste in my mouth. If they're able to actually do cool spots, and it ends cleanly then it won't be.

    Also, Jericho vs. Styles. There's 0 stipulations so they won't add anything new. It won't be bad, but if this was their original plan they shouldn't have given it to us sooo much.

    After Shane doing what he did on RAW, the match will definitely pick up outside of the cell. I wouldn't mind a run in for this, though. Whether it be a returning Cena, or someone from NXT. Don't think it should end clean. Someone fuck over Taker, please.

    Triple H vs. Roman will probably be MOTN, provided Vince/Steph/LoN aren't involved.
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  5. That is what I am worried about. Like it is only 3 awesome spots and the rest is two old men rolling around with each other for 22 minutes.
  6. Ambrose/Brock. hope I'm wrong.
  7. If Ambrose starts acing like a total goof trying to sell his "lunatic" stuff it could be pretty cringey.
  8. Undertaker vs Shane is going to be dissapointing because Taker is definitely winning. So no Shane controlling Raw. Taker is scheduled for WWE event in April so he ain't going no where.

    HHH vs Reigns I feel like it will be a fairly good wrestling match but with a cliche uneventful finish. Reigns will spear HHH and get the clean pin. Mania ends with Reigns standing tall and finally overcoming the Authority. :sad1:
    But I hope there is a twist. Having the Rock coming out to congratulate Reigns with Roman spearing him for trying to steal the spotlight would be a great heel turn.

    Lesnar vs Ambrose might get stupid depending on if the Wyatts come in. Although it might be kind of cool if Foley and Funk come in. Idk how I feel about it yet. I do think that Lesnar will give Strowman an F5 for a big Wrestlemania moment.

    I don't really care about the outcomes on the rest of the card.
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  9. All of them! :otunga:

    Seriously, though... Ambrose vs Lesnar will be a disappointment if The Wyatts get involved. That'd be hella lame.
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  10. I think most of them will be disappointing although the Andre the Giant Battle Royal could generate some excitement if Seth Rollins were to come back and win it
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  11. Honestly believe every single match will overdeliver expectations.
    Granted those expectations are mostly "dog shit", but... small victories. :otunga:
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