Extreme Rules Which match do you think will be match of the night?

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  1. Quite simple, which match at Extreme Rules do you think will be the match of the night?

    In my opinion most signs point towards the cage match. It's an environment that suites both HHH and Brock and is also a stip that is relatively easy to work with. Last man standing could be good if Cena and Ryback are allowed to be real physical and creative.
    Also this might be me being a mark for matches like this but I think the tornado tag with enough time can be real good. 3 good - great wrestler and one who is a bit green but has such presence and drive that it doesn't matter. That match will also be really good.

    The rest of the card is also solid so it should be a good event over all.
  2. I was expecting a great WHC match but since Ziggler is out it's just gonna be another lame ass Swagger vs ADR match.I don't really care about Cena/Ryback or Nose/Bork neither so the only 2 matches i'm hyped for are those involving the shield .
  3. Brock Vs HHH will be a brutal match of the night, Cena Vs Ryback could be good and Henry Vs Sheamus might surprise.

    My roughie for match of the night is The Shield Vs Team Hell No.
  4. The tag title match promises to be insane.
  5. The Steel Cage Match probably. I think Kofi v Ambrose could be surprisingly good if WWE gives enough time to it.
  6. The tag match followed by Henry/Sheamus. Swagger/Del Rio will be fine but I generally find 'I Quit' matches too annoying and gimmicky in modern day WWE.
  7. Steel cage. It's gonna be brutal and we will be like wtf he hasn't faint yet.
    Swagger and Alberto are pretty good in the rig but we have seen this two like 5 times since WM
    Cena vs ryback will probably end in a count out.
    The strap match will be original.
    Ambrose will put a good show but it will e overshadow by the tag match. Shield will come out and give the title to Ambrose.
    The tag team match will steal the Midcard card and HHH vs Brock will steal the show (Hope it closes the show)
  8. Steel cage for me, I feel like there needs to be a chair/sledgehammer involved at some point, the new cages have gaps for things in the corners so maybe Heyman or someone will get some toys in the ring?
  9. If given enough time the tag match just sounds better on paper. Last time we got a tornado Shield match it was sorta good.
  10. Had to check the card to know what most of the matches were and almost all the stipulations, I've been paying next to zero attention to wrestling since the disastrous WrestleMania. Anyway, from looking at the card, Team Hell No vs. The Shield not only looks like the easy match of the night, it honestly looks like the only match of the night that will be anything good. Okay, Kofi vs. Ambrose could also be good but that doesn't change the fact that most of these matches look like crap to me. Some are honestly just because I'm already sick of them (Del Rio/Swagger). Lesnar/Trips have only had two matches, one was okay/average, the other was a flaming pile of crap, I have no reason to believe that changing it to a gimmick match I never frankly cared that much for is going to improve my opinion on it going in. I could go on, but basically I'm only not dreading either of the Shield's matches and I'm certain that Tag belts will steal the show, unless WWE squanders that potential by not giving it enough time. Despite my pessimistic view on WWE as a whole, I honestly don't see that happening. From all I've bothered to look up, it seems WWE is continuing to push them strong.
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