WrestleMania Which match should be the main event at Mania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by RVD_86, Mar 19, 2016.

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  1. I'm talking about the real main event here. The last match of the night. At the moment, it's shaping up to be Reigns v HHH for the WWE Title.

    WWE are yet again making the claim that they have three main events for the one night, but we all know that the last match is the real main event.

    I personally would've preferred to have seen Dean Ambrose win the title and face Lesnar for it in the main event of Mania. Alternatively another angle I would've enjoyed is seeing Ambrose v Lesnar and HHH V Reigns at Fastlane and then for Mania have them all battle it out in a fatal four way match for the title in the main event. I just can't help but feel that WWE have had a big opportunity this year with not as many big stars available to them to push some of the new guys and shape the future and they have YET AGAIN messed up.

  2. Reigns vs HHH will be the Main event but if there is gonna be a major swerve with Taker vs Shane like Shane winning then that could be it too
  3. Finn Bálor vs The Undertaker vs Triple H in a "Who Gets To The Ring First" match. :smirk2:

    Can't take credit for this one.
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  4. HHH vs Reigns should main event. It's for the WWE Championship, and HHH is the chief villain of the show. Regardless of what reaction either guy will get, it feels like the most appropriate match to end the show on. Plus, even though Taker vs Shane is arguably the biggest draw of the three main events, I don't too much like the idea of a non-wrestler headlining Mania. It's happened before (Lawrence Taylor at Wrestlemania 11), but I still don't care for it.
  5. Kevin Nash in a "Try Not To Tear Your Quad" Match with himself
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  6. I'd rather see Dean vs. Brock take the main event, that would be a great way to end the night
  7. HHH vs Reigns should and WILL be the final match of the night simply because it's for the WWE title, in other words the most important and top prize. The big one...
  8. SWERVE, Randy Orton returns and wins! :yay:
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  9. Frig off, Russo! My boy Bálor wins! :happy2:
  10. At this rate, the divas title match.
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  11. HHH vs Reigns obviously
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