Survivor Series Which match up do you want to see the most?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Oct 30, 2015.

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  1. The more I go over it in my head, if they can do it and do it right... Undertaker, with Kane and Sting.. I would love to see that. I know Sting is hurt but a lot can change between now and 3 weeks. Sheesh, only 3 weeks away. PPV's need to happen less like they used to.. lol Anyways, that is my match. Either a 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4. Idk who the 4th would be but I think it can be a good match.
  2. Well, ADR vs Cesaro comes to mind.
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  3. A Team Undertaker vs Wyatt Family match sounds insane... Like, especially if Undertaker and Kane get the likes of Bryan and Sting on board, my body is ready. Dudley Boyz would be a good 2nd option too, possibly even Ambrose if Sting isn't ready to wrestle again.
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  4. I think its be Team Taker (Taker, Kane, Dudleyz) vs Team Wyatt. Theses no way Sting is gonna compete.

    But a fantasy match I have would be

    Team Heyman/Lesnar vs Team HHH/Rollins

    Team Heyman
    RVD (if no RVD return then Rhyno)

    Team HHH
    Triple H
    The New Day
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  5. When (if at all) is Y2J due back? Maybe he will be throwing in somewhere.
  6. My bet is team Undertaker/kane vs Wyatt. Reigns will join and so will a mystery opponent. It will be lackluster, like Sheamus/Orton/another "legend" to face the team of the wyatts. Reigns will pin Bray for the win, i'd bet on it.
  7. Reigns is fighting Seth Rollins for the WWE WHC. There's no way he's in the tag match.

    It'll be team brothers of destruction vs. the Wyatts. Teams will be:

    Taker, Kane, Dudley, Cesaro

    Wyatts, KO

    That would be great.
  8. this definitely won't happen. Roman is facing Seth. Bray Wyatt even said him and Roman will meet another day, meaning that there feud is over for awhile
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  9. Reigns will be facing Rollins for the WWE-WHC, actually. Ambrose as their partner is more likely.
  10. Shows how little I watch WWE now.
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  11. You haven't been missing out much till HIAC, I guess. The post-HIAC Raw episode was surprisingly good, though and it's worth checking out.
    Vince was forced to build a show around his current crop, it was good and hope we get the same this week.
  12. I will dl it, i'm watching WM 20 and holy shit is the camera work and vignettes garbage.
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  13. What did you expect? :heenan:
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