Extreme Rules Which match will steal the show at Extreme Rules?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 7, 2013.

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    Out of the ones we currently know:
    • Ryback/Cena in a Last Man Standing match
    • HHH/Brock in a Steel Cage match
    • Dolph/Swagger/Del Rio in a Ladder match.
    Which one of those will be the best? I'm probably missing another match or two, but yeah.
  2. You missed the part where they said the triple threat would be a ladder match? It's why Swagger hit both Ziggler and Del Rio with a ladder.

    Speaking of which, I'm probably going with that match in terms of in-ring excitement and quality. In terms of drama, the other two are a tie for me. I'm super curious as to whether Lesnar is winning again or not, and whether The Shield will interfere in the match as I predicted a few weeks ago (I hope they win the tag team titles, that's something else I'm looking forward to) and start an angle with Triple H. I also want to see how serious Cena's injury is in real life - if it really will put him on the shelf for a few months or more, then Cena will either retain the title and then have to forfeit it because of further damaging to his Achilles tendon (I could see both men being down for a ten count, but Cena barely limps up before the last count on his hurt leg) or whether they'll actually switch the title to Ryback.
  3. Oops, forgot about that stip.
  4. Looking forward to the Ladder match tbh.

    These matches look likely too:
    Sheamus v Henry.
    Orton v Show.
    Fandango v Jericho.
  5. Ladder match is the only thing I'm interested in.

    Well, honestly the #2 match I am interested in is Orton/Show, just because there aren't many matches that you know there is a good chance Orton will job in (though I expect him to win)

    No interest in Cena/Ryberg. No interest in Henry jobbing to ginger boy. Brock/HHH is just tedious at this point.

    starting to think this show won't blow Mania out of the water like last year.
  6. Ziggler/ADR/Swagger is the only match I'm really looking forward to see.
  7. Can see Fandango stealing the show as the ladder match whilst it looks great on paper i just dont see it translating as it will become the sidekick show.
  8. The ladder match easily, Ziggler, ADR, RR and Swaggs will all bump pretty hard.
  9. No arguments there but I still see it becoming the AJ, Big E, Zeb Coulter and Ricardo show. Too much of which for me will pull away from the quality of the match.
  10. For once I do think the WHC match could be the match I like the most.
  11. They'll be interference absolutely but I can see them being clever with it this time tbh, I expect E to be kicked out after one too many attacks like Diesel during HBK / Razor, Zeb to be a minor heel player and RR to take a mahoosive bump.
  12. If it is minor then it's fine I jusy have a horrid feeling that it may ruin the match. I'm usually wrong though so we'll see.
  13. That's actually what I've been predicting with Roman Reigns for the tag title match for awhile (under the assumption that it was Rollins/Ambrose wrestling, of course.)
  14. We need a bet. I have absolute faith in Henry going over, so let's bet.
  15. 1 week sig bet
  16. The ladder match will be the best by far I reckon. Although I could honestly see Henry and Sheamus stealing the show, Sheamus works really well with bigger guys and Henry is the best the 'E has besides Tensai IMO.
  17. From the current card the ladder match by far. If we get Shield vs Hell no and they get a good amount of time then I could see Bryan and Seth stealing the show but they will have their work cut out for them with the ladder match.
  18. Also judging by this week's Smackdown I think Shield will be involved with the US title at ER. My guess is Dean due to the singles matches and him being the one to taste the Kofi.

    Which would give us an awesome tag dynamic in Seth and Roman if I am correct.
  19. Deal
  20. AJ ftw :win:

    Ladder match will steal the show,and well i expect lesnar's match to be brutal
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