Which Match Would You Bring Back from the previous Era's?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The Phenom, Oct 17, 2016.

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  1. Hardcore Match

  2. Iron Man Match

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  3. I Quit Match

  4. Buried Alive Match

  5. Boiler Room Match

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  6. Casket Match

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  7. Inferno Match

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  8. First Blood Match

  9. Last Man Standing Match

  10. Elimination Chamber Match

  11. Bra & Panties Match

  12. Tables Match

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  13. Barbed Wire Match

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    Gimmick Matches: (I don't know if all are gone)
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  2. How is a hardcore, iron man, I quit, buried alive, boiler room brawl, casket, inferno, last man standing, the chamber, bra and panties or a tables match blocked from happening because of blood? Neither match requires it.

    A couple of these gimmicks are dead because they are quite frankly, stupid. And even Vince gets that. It's not the PG rating, it's that they serve no purpose in today's media/wrestling society.

    The bra and panties match? stupid (if you want this, there are plenty of fetish promotions or down right porn for people to watch online). Boiler room brawl: Stupid.
    The inferno match is needlessly complicated and hard to set up and down right dangerous. Buried Alive is also a stupidly complicated gimmick to pull off and the casket thing is quite silly.

    Then there are gimmicks that are just not brought back because WWE does not work with long running feuds that would logically culminate in those types of matches, like the last man standing match, Elimination Chamber or the iron man match. Tables matches happen yearly at TLC so it shouldn't even be up for debate. We know we get one each year.

    A lot of these gimmicks are easily worked under the PG banner so it is not even an issue of a ratings system. They are just not used because WWE does not structure its product to need those types of matches.
  3. Throwing out that for much of the PG Era, LMS matches seemed to have been the go-to "feud blowoff" match type. With so many stipulation matches having gimmick PPV's they've protected that one pretty well.

    Rest idc
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  4. Simple answer: The match is lacking that bloody aspect when they took the blood away due to PG they took most of these matches away as well.
  5. Blood is not needed tho. People equating these matches being missing due to blood are missing the big picture.
  6. No, I get the whole picture blood is not needed (NOT NEEDED) the point was that they all went out with the PG era
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  7. What match did you vote for?
  8. DEFINITELY Agree on the rest, but honestly outside of cliche' answers I never saw how Elimination Chamber was a "blow-off match".
  9. Where is the Coal Miner's glove match option?

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  10. lol they did not go out with the PG era.

    Tables matches happen once every year.
    The chamber was also a yearly ppv up until two years ago. During the PG era no less.
    Daniel Bryan and CM Punk had a last man standing match in 2013 or something like that.

    The reason these matches stopped happening is not because of some PG rating, whoever believes that is the reason is getting worked.

    These matches stopped happening because WWE stopped using a booking structure that justified having them. You don't just do a iron man match just because. That's stupid. A whole lot of these stipulations are feud enders. The type of match you use at the end of a long storyline as an epic culmination. WWE does not operate like that. They prefer shorter storylines to keep majority of their massive roster fresh. So they don't need these types of matches. Another factor is Vince McMahon has the attention span of a small child and runs off after whatever new shiny thing he sees. So even if he was going for a big epic feud ender, he'd drop it for something more exciting.

    There are still people within the company capable of booking with that long term structure. Look not further than Bayley and Sasha getting a iron man match to end their near year long storyline.

    As long as Vince McMahon has final say, these types of matches will either be very rare, or heavily bastardized (hell in a cell being a yearly thing is stupid). Because Vince McMahon does not care about booking a product that would use these matches well.
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  11. Double posting here.

    The Elimination Chamber was supposed to be WWE's answer to the War Games match. Which was WCW's big feud ender. But they bastardized it fairly quickly after they realized the pod concept did not lend itself well to being a feud ender.
  12. That's a TLC match brother!.........................Table's matches are just tables. Not ladders and chairs
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  13. It's going to be a lot of fun watching you two argue.
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  14. So you have never watched a full TLC ppv then?
    They as good as always do one ladder, one chair and one tables match each on the show. With a full on TLC main event.
    The most recent tables match from the TLC ppv was Cena vs Rollins in 2014. In 2012 they did Cody and Sandow vs Mysterio and Sin Cara in a tables tag team match.
  15. These are TLC Matches

    This is a table match

    You are right with the blood but not this one....................

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  16. I can't say that I have in a while Not a TLC PPV...........
  17. And as I said. The TLC PPV is not just TLC matches. They do all the gimmicks.
    Fuck, in 2014 they did a steel stairs match. Stairs
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  18. :bodallas::booker2: Calm down man!
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  19. :flair:Back to the point of the thread tho I would like for the last man standing or I The quit match to get used.......it's been awhile!
  20. I've been hankering for a good Elimination Chamber match. The last EC PPV was shit tho
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