TLC Which Matches will be on the TLC PPV card?

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  1. Figured I'd create this while it's still early and there's only two matches currently on the card..

    With the way things appear to be heading for the WWE going into the Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV which matches other than the two that have been announced will be present on the matchcard?

    One match I would personally like to see myself would be Orton vs. Rollins.. other than that I'm still reeling with a couple ideas but I think I need to wait til next RAW before I throw those out.

    - Wyatt vs Ambrose - TLC Match (confirmed)
    - Ryback vs Kane was announced to be a chais match, I believe.
    - I'm expecting Ziggler vs Harper. It has to happen.
    - The Miz & Mizdow vs The Usos/Gold & Stardust. Those are the only teams that come to mind for a rematch. I actually see The Ascension debuting at the very PPV, but we'll see.
    - Rowan vs Big Show
    - Rusev vs Sheamus (if he somehow manages to recover) or Swagger, Cesaro (maybe)
  3. Ambrose vs Wyatt and Ryback vs Kane have already been signed.

    Big Show vs Rowan has been hinted at.

    Rusev vs Swagger is pretty obvious now after seeing that segment on Raw. Makes sense too, seeing as how Swagger is an All-American, Rusev has the UNITED STATES Championship, and we're pretty close to the Tribute To The Troops show whee the two will probably square off a non-title match as well. Guess I wouldn't mind one more match between the two.

    Seth Rollins being forced to put his briefcase on the line in a ladder match is the obvious way to go, but since Ziggler is looking to reclaim his Intercontinental Title from Luke Harper, that leaves only Cena as his potential opponent. And Cena gunning for the briefcase makes zero sense given he's already the #1 contender for the WWE Championship. Maybe the Anonymous General Manager will be a bitch and inform Cena that now that The Authority has been stripped of all power, any and all rules that were put in place by them are now null and void, which means Cena's #1 contendership for the title is now gone. In that case, I guess Cena and Rollins can fight for the case, but I can't see them having Cena beat Rollins to get the briefcase. There was a report a few weeks ago that said there was some slight consideration into having someone else fight Brock at the Rumble. If they go that way, maybe this is their way of taking Cena's title shot away from him.

    Elsewhere, Nikki vs AJ for the Diva's Championship, Mizdow vs Dust Brothers for the Tag Team Championships, etc.
  4. I'm gonna be pissed if Cena, of all people, wins the briefcase from Rollins. I mean he ruined and buried Sandow last year when he won the briefcase and didn't cash in successfully on Cena. (Shocker)

    Orton vs Rollins is a better way to go... With Rollins winning, of course!

    Cena vs Lesnar needs to happen at TLC or RR, to finally end that chapter. Nobody wants to see these two going at it anymore.

    In my opinion, Rollins shouldn't be losing the MITB briefcase to anyone. If he were to lose it to somebody, it should be Ambrose and Ambrose only.
  5. I'm not sure Ziggler will go after the IC. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Ziggler had his rematch already? I think I remember watching it (or maybe read it in some spoiler somewhere). Plus, it seems like they're bent on pushing him now, which is probably a good indicator that he's not going to have anything more to do with the IC. Which would also explain why he dropped it before SS to begin with.
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  6. Yeah, correct. He had it on SmackDown and won via count-out.

    I dunno why I thought he'd go after the IC title again at TLC, my bad. Guess I'm still in shock Ziggler's gonna get pushed. lol
    I just can't put my finger on on who he'll be going against. Maybe against Rollins, but we'll see. It's too early to tell at this point.
  7. Ziggler vs Harper followed by Anon gm announcing a 2nd match for Ziggler, with Cesaro being in the match also for the briefcase...Rollins wins via cheap pin.
    Show vs Rowan
    Rusev vs Swagger
    Kane vs Ryback.
    Big E and Kofi winning the belts vs Mizdow
    Pre-show Dust bros vs Usos
    Divas match no one cares about
    Wyatt vs Ambrose w/ Ascention intro
    Heyman Promo
    HHH Promo with another Sting run-in, with the MITB match ending the show.
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  8. Now that I think of it, there's no need to throw Ziggler back in the IC title rematch at TLC, he already had it on this week's SmackDown epiosde and won via count-out (which doesn't really count, so fuck it, moving on). If this ME push is bound to happen, then they'd better put him in the ME spot with Rollins/Orton for the MITB briefcase.

    Yeah, I have totally forgotten that Big E and Kofi might as well win the belts from Miz and Mizdow. Which is fine by me, 'cause Mizdow is gonna get pushed!

    I'm glad we have the same feeling about Wyatt vs Ambrose with The Ascension debuting and screwing Ambrose out of the victory. That's what I thought it was gonna happen at Survivor Series, actually. But, we still may see it happen at TLC.

    As far as Heyman and HHH promos go, I see them happening the next night on RAW.
  9. Nah, I get your point. We're programmed to assume random rematches for boring midcard feuds on every PPV (not that this is the case for this program but it's normally the case for the IC and Ziggler), but yeah, this time they did it a bit different. I have no idea what they're going to do for the PPV with Dolph, really, maybe he'll wrestle Rollins, but there's Orton around as well... idk.
  10. Yeah, Orton's actually rumored to be in a three-way TLC match against Rollins and Cena, that's only if Cena vs Brock doesn't happen at TLC... Which I have a feeling it won't, and we're prolly gonna get Rollins vs Orton vs Cena (for the MITB briefcase, most likely). I'd love it if they put Ziggler in there, too, tbh.
  11. What a waste of an Orton return if true.
  12. Well, it makes sense, 'cause it's exactly where he left off. He has to stick it to Rollins.

    So, here's to hoping Cena vs Lesnar happens at TLC, and we get Orton vs Lesnar at the Rumble.
  13. Lesnar has the belt for sure until WM. Here is to hoping Orton has a big return at the RR and faces Rollins at WM, since WWE cut the middle ppv for who the fuck knows what.

    Ziggler for that briefcase and a cash in on the RAW after WM. Could you imagine? Oh, wait. >>>>>>>This.
  14. I'm still thinking Orton's gonna return by/at TLC. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to see him back this Monday on RAW.

    WWE cutting the Elimination Chamber hasn't been officially confirmed, I believe. They may as well cut it and replace it with a shitty PPV called Fast Lane/Fast Track, or they could just leave a gap between the Royal Rumble and WM31 and have a longer build-up before everything culminates at Mania, which is a far better option, in my opinion.

    Ziggler going at it with Rollins for the briefcase is a plausible scenario. As much as I like Ziggler, I'd hate to see Seth lose that briefcase, Rollins shouldn't be losing the MITB briefcase at all. If he were to lose it to somebody, it should be Ambrose and Ambrose only.
    Speaking of cash-ins, I'd absolutely love it if Rollins cashed in on the new champ at WM31.
  15. Ziggler already getting his rematch on Smackdown doesn't mean he can't very well be given another one. This is WWE, it's not like their rules have any absolute value to them. Guys have gotten more than one rematch before when they shouldn't have, and guys have also not been given a rematch at all when they should have been, etc. If they decide to continue the rivalry between Ziggler and Harper, they can easily just give Ziggler another shot for no other reason than because he's feuding with Harper.

    Unless Lesnar shows up and defends the title against Cena, I don't know who else Cena can wrestle except for Seth Rollins. Big Shoe WAS an obvious candidate, but he doesn't seem to have any issues with him over what happened at Survivor Series. And in that case, I don't know who else Dolph can compete against except for another match with Luke Harper. I though Harper might defend the strap against Rowan, but that match seems out now that Rowan and Big Show have some tension with each other.
  16. Yes, this is true. They can in fact book another rematch, wouldn't be the first time they did something of the kind. But my point was that the fact that they put his rematch on SD smells like they're intent on getting Ziggler away from the IC title picture, in which case it wouldn't make sense to put him in another title match when he shouldn't be jobbing to Harper. It does get Harper with no challengers and Ziggler with nothing to do, but I guess they could do Ziggler/Henry (I'm not a fan of Henry jobbing but that boat has sailed, so why not have him put Dolph over? Would be a great contest), and Harper could defend the strap against, perhaps, Orton, idk (obviously resulting in some non-finish). Or some other random babyface.
  17. Yeah, I get your point, man.

    I'm just thinking Ziggler should be pushed into ME, hence why I said there'd be no need to put him in a match with Harper again at TLC, not that I would mind. But him just jobbing to Harper (which I'm completely fine with) or losing dirty or getting a cheap win via count-out or DQ wouldn't really do him any good.

    The word is, Rollins should be defending his MITB briefcase at TLC, possibly against Orton and Cena in a Triple-Threat, that's only if Lesnar vs Cena doesn't happen. So, maybe they could throw Ziggler in there.
  18. Fuck the IC title, Ziggler had a decent run (I guess) and dropped it in a good way without losing credibility. He has since had a huge moment that completely dwarfs the shitty IC title and going back to fuck with Harper is a massive step back.

    DZ needs a big win at TLC over a big name... how about... the BIG SHOW?? In a retirement match! DZ retires the Big Slow. book that shit.
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  19. Miz and mizdown vs a pair from the new day and the other tag teams, maybe?

    Not sure if its too soon to take the titles away from them, but I feel like the "Sandow outshining miz" has pretty much hit its climax now, time to give these two a reason to square off and make the new stable look good while they are at it
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  20. Yeah, it may be too soon to take the titles away from The Miz and Mizdow... But hell, like you said, this tension of 'Sandow outshining The Miz' has pretty much reached its climax and I would have nothing against taking those titles away from them, mainly because there's gonna be a push for Mizdow which he so richly deserves.

    Anyways, I don't think Miz and Mizdow will be losing the titles at TLC, I believe A New Day is gonna feud with Gold & Stardust. But I can see it happening at the Rumble, though.
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