Which members would you miss the most?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lackin, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Say if a member went absent for a couple of months who would you miss the most?

  2. Testify.
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  3. Why are you such a testify mark :dafuq:
  4. Why aren't you?

    Solidus likes tna, and Testify is by far the best poster there.

    1. D'Z, but he wont leave without the champ :haha:
    2. Leo C, i always love his posts
    3. Rain. He dipped for a minute before, and we all lost out because of it.
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    1. Gohan (If Gohan ever left I think I'll cry, WWEF needs Gohan)
    2. Adam (Possibly the greatest member on the interwebz)
    3. Niggaswag (This guy represents people like me) Dat Kid

    But seriously
    1. Seabs
    2. Aids Johnson
    3. Dolph'sZiggler

    (Didn't put Crayo cause he would never leave his site :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)
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  6. A lot. Can't put them in a list as all members have different values really. Currently missing Seabs like mad though.
  7. I'm actually going for a two+ week holiday to Spain soon, so I might be leaving for a while :((!!!
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  8. inb4 i run wild.
  9. You should make me admin before you leave :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. im next in line bro, everyone knows it.
  11. Lackin first
  12. Aids > DZ > CM > Danielson > others > Senhor > Sack > Lackin.
  13. I don't want to imagine the forums when that happens.

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  14. hoss goes wild, i get warning up to 80%.

    Kane is long gone already, baraa makes it on once or twice a month, and leo is as active as always.

    We all know it's really:
    1. Niggaswag
    2. Farooq.
    3. Aids Johnson the GOAT
  15. why are you first tbf it should go in Date Joined and have they been loyal
  16. And Crayo You must Purchase Wi-Fi when you are in Spain
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  17. LOYAL? Look at my post count. I'm here. I have 10x+ your posts. you post once, i post 10 times.
  18. All of the regular guys! <3
  19. Gohan > Aids> ...

    Remember Gohan was admin :pity:
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