Which mic style is the overall best?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Or is it even such a thing?

    Use this thread to discuss the art of the microphone and working the crowd verbally. Do you think there exists one great mic style which everyone can use to get over with the crowd? In my opinion no, there isn't one mic style that fits everyone. Every wrestler needs to find his own style, both as a heel and as a face.

    There are some well known ones:
    slow paced,
    fast paced,


    As I previously stated every wrestler in my opinion needs to find his own style that suites him. Example, look at Swagger, as an early heel during his initial push he used a cocky, young and slightly comical mic style which actually made his promos serviceable. Swagger soaring eagle anyone?
    With his mic style post his push he was just "heel", nothing special about him.

    Del Rio is another example, his initial smarmy character worked much better on the mic than his current style.

    Dolph is an example of a man finding his style, his "hi, I'm dolph ziggler" deal didn't work but he worked on it and has now found a fitting style.

    Not everyone can work Dean Ambrose's mic style and make it work for him for example.

    A guy who needs to find his voice is Seth. His promo style and voice is more serviceable for a face but he is currently portrayed as a heel. His voice is not the darkest and can be a bit nasally. Perhaps a more smarmy style (kind of like what he did in this week's Smackdown when he called people out) instead of trying to be vicious.
    What do you think? Voice your opinions on the art of microphone skills.
  2. Like you said it really depends on the guy. The best on the mic ever IMO is Ric Flair. Heel or face, young or old, good opponent or shitty opponent, he always makes you care. He can be intense, emotional, viscous, and downright hilarious. The Nature Boy :woo1:
  3. I love arrogant heels, Miz, Ziggs, Heel HBK and the master Rick Rude all being prime examplesm
  4. It's all subjective, there is no style-preference really for me. I'm a huge fan of psychotic heels and until Ambrose there hasn't been many decent ones recently, so I guess his is my favourite right now. Punk's is also a massive favourite of mine, mainly because of how he delivers it, he really is the best mic worker in the world imo.
  5. Ambrose style is the best whatever it is called . lol
  6. Can you please elaborate on why? This reasoning you present really doesn't say anything.
  7. I just can't say, he has this something that no other superstar has..

    I just can't put my finger on what that is :upset:
  8. It's called IT factor and doesn't really have anything to do with mic skills. A wrestler can be shite on the mic but still have IT factor. And as I said in my OP not everyone can do Ambrose's mic style. Ambrose has over the years worked out a character for him to work which he knows inside and out and which has allowed him to get comfortable with this particular mic style. Could Ambrose get over with another mic style? No one knows.
  9. Its just his way of speaking as if he was drunk or something, speaking slowly sometimes, senseless..its just awesome.
  10. Yes he could in my opinion. His intensity, delivery, vocabulary, confidence etc are all skills he can carry into other styles.
  11. It's not the mic style that matters, it's the person holding the mic and how well they can execute cutting a promo. There's usually a mic style that fits a person's gimmick just nicely, although I think most people do exhibit most all of those traits (smarminess, arrogance, cockiness, slow paced, fast paced, intensity, aggression, etc.) at some point.

    In my opinion, Jake Roberts was one of the best on the mic and very underrated. All of his promos were convincing and he could (and mostly would) talk slow paced, but he could talk fast as well and also show anger and aggression and even a pint of arrogance. It's why I see Dean Ambrose as the next Jake Roberts - not in the sense that he will carry a snake around or anything (and I generally hate calling anyone the 'next' of somebody) but in being a psychotic heel who is ill in the head and who can mind games with you, and who's great on the mic when doing it.
  12. But could someone else with the IT factor then work Ambrose's mic style and get the same "results"? I am putting results within ""'s because Ambrose hasn't really had any major individual impact on the WWE yet. Only as part of a group with 3 other guys talented within their own fields,
  13. Doesn't Cody have the same style?
  14. True, a person needs to find a style that fits him and his verbal talents. There's not one correct style.
  15. The one that I like the best and it's probably not listed but, Honesty. The best thing about the summer of punk was how everything he said seemed to have a sense of truth to it. I loved every minute of that and anytime you can see that stuff brought to light, it makes it exciting.
  16. Depends on who is speaking. I enjoy anything Jericho says.
    But arrogant and obnoxious.
  17. I think the most successful style would have to be fast paced. If a wrestler can pull that type of style off they're bound to be successful in my opinion. Taking that type of style requires a bit of improve from the wrestlers which is something I appreciate. I think the Rock had that and although Stone Cold wasn't as fast paced as Rock, he was quick on his feet when it came to the mic. I find that the more slow paced talkers are often boring. People like Triple H, who unless they're yelling can be quite a drag to listen to. Back when he was with evolution i used to hate those long dragged out speeches, i often changed the channel whenever he went on because it was just so boring. However that gets redeemed when he gets all aggressive and emotional and stuff like that, he also has a bit of a comical side at times as well, but that style is boring and least effective in my opinion.
  18. I really feel like Cody and Dean both have the same style, they both speak slowly but with massive confidence.
  19. Can you name some wrestlers who you think would benefit from another mic style (either as a face or heel)?

    Jack Swagger as a heel was in my opinion much better when he was the young, cocky character from his ECW and early Smackdown run. His later heel work was not as good.

    Rollins is also a guy who I think as a heel needs a different mic style. His voice I think suites a more smarmy style better I think. I myself heard hints of it in the latest promo from Smackdown where he named people ("Isn't that right Randy?") As a heel I don't think Rollins should be the big, vicious heel but more smarmy and conniving.

    Any others?
  20. Anything to make Rollins less awkward would be better.
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