Which movie would you go see?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Dat Kid, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. I currently have 3 solid film ideas I want to shoot in my next film class. Unfortunately I can shoot one of these and I'm very indecisive about which one to choose. I'd like to have some opinions on which one everyone would like to see and I'll probably go with that. Here are the ideas

    Splitting Image
    A cocky bodybuilder is tormented by his own reflection. After being humiliated for days he must find a way to destroy his own reflection.
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    The guy is very cocky and is always posing in the mirror, stuff like that. His reflection gets sick of it and decides to call him out on it. The reflection then taunts him every where he goes. He embarrasses him in front of girls and his community.

    The guy has a mental breakdown and after getting some words of wisdom he decides to fight back.

    An addict who has just woken up from a drug induced coma must now adjust to the culture of one decade into the future.
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    A drug addict is dared to taking more than his limit and he has an overdose that puts him in a coma. He wakes up 10 years later and everything has changed. Most of his friends who were also addicts have died and only two remain. One of the guys remaining is successful and has a family, the other is still on drugs.

    After seeing the damage drugs have done he must now decide either to quit or keep using

    Dying for Sex
    After mistakenly receiving a phone call from a suicidal woman on the sex hotline he works at, an unattractive man realizes that suicidal woman are the most likely to have sex with him. He must make the choice of whether or not it is the right thing to do.
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    So basically this guy is ugly and uneducated, but he has an amazing voice. He lands a job at a sex hotline for women, which doesnt pay much. A woman accidentally calls that number instead of the suicide hotline. The guy is forced to go through with the call or his boss will fire him. After talking with the woman he rushes off to save her and when he does, she ends up having sex with him that same night.

    After the guy tells his closest friend what happened, his friend says he should do it more. The guy decides to open up a phony suicide hotline to pick up women and charge them for the call at the same time. While he's doing this, he breaks up with them right after, causing them to commit suicide anyway. He must choose whether or not the money and sex is worth causing those women to kill themselves
  2. The first two, but I'd go with Untitled.
  3. The third one sounds like it would be one of those "scary movie" type comedies. lmao
    I would go with number 2.
  4. I would go with Splitting Image. I've never seen something like that before and I think it would be really entertaining to watch.
  5. I'd watch "Dying For Sex" interesting premise, plus most likely there'd be some nudity? :happy:
  6. Knowing Dat Kid it would be full MALE frontal. :dawg:
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  7. SOLD!
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  8. Gotta send you some VIP tickets with a free complimentary movie poster!
  9. Splitting Image :yes:
  10. :yes:
  11. Definitely the second one, that'd be awesome.
  12. The second one but only if you get rob shneider to star in it and call it "rob shneider is a hopeless drug addict"
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  13. All of them are a fresh perspective, niiiice! :emoji_slight_smile:) I'm rooting for #2. :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. This one.

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  15. Dying for sex, easily. #1 just makes me think of friends i have IRL who wish that would happen. They would talk to their reflection (even hating on them) and reply with things like "yeah but look at my quads, bro" and unless you're doing that, i dont see it.

    #2 How would he find more? Where is he sleeping? Unless this is american horror story im uninterested.

    Now #3? come on. Hilarious. Ill donate 5$ IRL if you say "woo woo woo, go fuck yourself" and tease real new jersey story v2 after credits.
  16. I'd be slightly interested in seeing any of those but I'd probably only go see Untitled or Splitting Image. The former because I feel like I'd actually like the protagonist and the latter because it just sounds hilarious. Dying For Sex is an interesting idea but I'd never bother to watch it as I imagine it'll only be a satisfying experience for me if the protagonist commits suicide or something akin to that and I'd only know that ahead of time if I'm spoiled and if I'm spoiled I lose any enthusiasm to watch it. I rarely watch movies as it is though so that's not saying much. To give a definitive answer, Splitting Image barely win for me out of the two.
  17. One night in jersey.
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