Which one win/loss would you have changed?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. This is a simple question but can really take some thought.

    I will make it easier by saying out of all the matches in the last 10 YEARS (2006-2016) which one win/loss would you have changed?
    For me, it would be Brock ending the streak. I think his streak should have ended when he was going to retire. Brock did not need the heat of beating him at all. Undertaker losing would have meant so much more as well if when he lost, it was done and he was done for good.
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  2. 100% Agree with you on Brock ending the streak.
    Brock's great but I think ending the steak would of been better used to push a next/current generation star - I've always though Bray Wyatt should of ended the streak the following year and then gone around calling himself the new Phenom.

    For myself I'd change Rock beating Punk for the WWE Championship - I'd like to have seen Punk retain to set up a Triple Threat main event for WM29 - Punk vs. Cena vs. Rock
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  3. I dunno. For me, Brock ending the streak was just such an iconic moment. I think I am happier that it happened the way it did. If the streak continued until Undertaker was going to retire, we likely would have gotten rumors about the retirement. Then when the streak ending match happened, it wouldn't have had the shocking effect that it had when Brock ended it. But that's just my thought on that match.

    In regards to what match I would change... hmmm. That is a toughie. I am not sure if there was one in the past ten years that really had the sort of impact that I would have liked it changed. Maybe Edge vs John Cena 2006 Royal Rumble. I think having Cena win the WWE Championship back only 3 weeks after the first ever MITB cash in was pretty lame. Not only that, but Raw's ratings did spike a bit with Edge as champion. It really seemed to ruin the moment in my view. So if I could change anything, I would have made Edge retain in that match.
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  4. "Team WWE aka Team Cena" vs Nexus at Summerslam.
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  5. Just one match? I would say most of Bray's career so far, but just one match...

    John Cena vs Bray Wyatt WM30. Bray should have won that. Don't know if it's bad booking, but his career pretty much went downhill after his loss to Cena. I'm hoping things are finally starting to turn around for the better.
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  6. I like the call of ending the Streak, because while on paper the idea was brilliant... if you take Bryan's injury in account and how Cena got the asswhoopin' of a lifetime at SS 2014 instead... I don't think Brock would be any less of an unbeatable monster as he is now.

    Would have loved that. While I'd love to think of some low-key example...... can't help but vote this.

    Also Night of Champions 2011, because fuck them.
  7. The Streak!:shovel::blackshock:
    Brock should have not beat The Undertaker!:mad2:
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  8. I said the same thing brother! Bray Wyatt could have been @The Phenom
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  9. Bork Laser beating the Streak was just stupid...
    In my opinion Taker should never have been
    beaten at Wrestlemania...it should have been
    the greatest part of his legacy.

    Me personally...well...it may-be cheating...but I
    would have had Kane win the 2001 Royal Rumble.

    I just think Kane deserved to win...and it may be the
    greatest non-winning performance in Rumble history.

    Plus if Kane won...there would have been no
    Austin vs. Rock...which means no Austin heel turn.

    I wasn't a fan of that...and I'm sure many others
    weren't either.
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  10. Umm, Idk. Cena vs Wyatt at WM 30, probably.
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  11. Even if Bray would have lost at Extreme Rules or Payback, that win against Cena on the Biggest Stage possible would have done wonders for him.
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  12. Booker T VS Triple H at WrestleMania 19
  13. Sting vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania 31...

    No NWO, No DX and A Sting Victory.
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