Which other legends are returning

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. So Cole said during the Vader match that :ace: aka greatest GM of all time has arranged for a different legend to appear on every RAW leading up to the 1000th episode. This means we have six legends remaining. So let's play a game. Everybody list up the six legends they want to see return and once we reach the 1000th episode we can compare who had the most right. Note that guys like Rock and Brock do not count since they are under part timer contracts meaning they actually count as active wrestlers. Stick to guys from the alumni page.

    My picks: Note these are the guys I personally would want to see. I realize Stone Cold might make a appearance but he has quite the full schedule with his new TV shows.

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    Mick Foley

    Sean Waltman aka X-Pac

    Ric Flair

    Rowdy Roddy Piper.

    Make your pics.
  2. I wanna see DDP and "Psycho" Sid return.
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  4. JBL will almost certainly be one of them, since I read he's coming back soon to promote something he is doing about climbing mountains or whatever.
  5. It's nice that they're bringing some legends back before the 1,000th RAW episode. They should've started doing it in earlier RAW episodes.
  6. I think JBL, Foley, Piper and Flair are almost certainties (the latter not being as much so). X-Pac is probably quite likely.
  7. I think some sort of Billy Gunn/Road Dogg/X-Pac DX reunion seems likely

    Flair also seems pretty likely
  8. Are they going to beat younger talent every week though? I think that would make me mad...
  9. i cant wait to see dx :yes:
  10. Of course they are lol.
  11. Thanks for the optimism :obama:

    Fuck Flair going over anyone.
  12. Well, not sure if they're all going to wrestle. If they are, then yes, they're going over young talent. Some of them may show up, do a segment or something and leave. Anyway, I think it'll be DDP, JBL, Piper, X-Pac and Sid. Just random guesses, no idea who it'll be.
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