Which Pay Per View Show Should Return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The Phenom, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. A lot of great ppv show's have came and gone over the years it's got me thinking about How dumb the clash of champions ppv is it makes no sense to me. So what PPV show would you guy's and girl's replace Clash Of champions with? Remember those oldies #Armageddon #Judgement Day #Bad Blood #In Your House #Unforgiven #Vengeance #1 Night Stand #December to dismember #bragging Rights # Great American Bash #New Year's Revolution The list goes on!

    I personally would bring back the Elimination Chamber just think about all the possibilities and opportunities it can bring to the New era WWE Universe bur for nostalgia I would love to have No way Out or Judgement day...... Hey I'm a Attitude Era Baby

  2. December to Dismember is considered a good PPV? Isn't it considered the worst PPV produced by the WWE?

    I like Clash of Champions. It is a classic name with heavy ties to the history of the industry.

    Also a no on the Elimination chamber from me. PPVS should not be built around specific violent matches (hell in a cell, the chamber). Because it devalues the importance of the matches. Matches that should be used as big feud enders lose a lot of importance if they become annual events we just throw guys into for the sake of it.
  3. I wouldn't replace Clash of Champions with anything. It is cool by me, brother.
  4. Never said it was a good PPV it was actually funny that I remembered it I was just naming a few that people may not even remember but in regards to the chamber I understand what you are saying it would take from the match in most scenario's but that moment when there are six top contenders and they all want that title the best solution would be the Elimination Chamber It Shouldn't be a constant ppv each year but a surprise elimination chamber every few years would be awesome just go back and watch one they were epic!
  5. I think the better scenario if you have six contenders is a six pack challenge/regular elimination match actually. The chamber is the heir of the wargames match. Which was reserved for ending big blood feuds.

    The level of "violence"/intensity expected of a chamber match should match the build. And I do not think that just having six guys want the belt justifies it. Same reason as that you just don't book two tag teams in a TLC immediately. It has to grow to justify that.
    If you had six men involved in the title scene for the better part of the year, somehow all interwoven, then you could cap it off with an Elimination Chamber match. But it shouldn't be an event in and off itself, rather a match that you call upon when you need it to blow off a big feud.

    That is of course just my opinion.
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  6. I mean what's throwing me off about it really is the title of the PPV it's not a Clash of champions because it won't be champion vs champion matches so where is the clash of champions? Night of Champions is better to me that means that night a either the champion will retain and stay champ or the contender will overcome and be crowned the New champion Its a night where we could seea new champ rise or the current champ retain and stay #Glorious
  7. Isn't that any PPV tho? Any night with a title match on it is a night of champions
  8. Of course brother that's why I do it I want people's responses and opinions I won't bash you or your answers. I actually agree with you they should only use it when it would fuel the ongoing storyline with a lot of contenders.... just as you said to end big blood feuds
  9. Exactly that is true so Why not just use Night of Champions what is the Clash of champions if it's not Champion Vs Champion its just as dumb as turning The Great American Bash to The Bash what was the point? and don't get me started on bragging rights #Garbage
  10. as far as I can tell, night of champions has not been removed from the schedule
  11. Raw-branded event SmackDown-branded event
    Date Name Venue City Main event Ref
    September 11, 2016 Backlash Richmond Coliseum Richmond, Virginia Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles [9][10]
    September 25, 2016 Clash of Champions Bankers Life Fieldhouse Indianapolis, Indiana Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins [11][12][13]
    October 9, 2016 No Mercy Golden 1 Center Sacramento, California TBD [14]
    October 30, 2016 Hell in a Cell TD Garden Boston, Massachusetts TBD [15]
    November 20, 2016 Survivor Series Air Canada Centre Toronto, Ontario, Canada TBD [15][16]
    December 4, 2016 TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs American Airlines Center Dallas, Texas TBD [17][18]
    December 18, 2016 Roadblock Consol Energy Center Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania TBD

    It's gone Brother They replaced the name with Clash that was my whole argument it was just dumb to me I would have left it Night of Champions but hey just my opinion
  12. Get rid of most the unneeded gimmick PPVs, bring it to one PPV a month (except maybe December, they each can have one) and have Raw and Smackdown alternate when there isn't a big four PPV (or MITB). There, problem solved!

    A mock schedule.

    Royal Rumble
    Fast Lane
    Extreme Rules (only gimmick one I like tbh)
    Clash of Champions
    Survivor Series
    No Mercy
  13. Thanks for the response maybe I'm just going thru nostalgia but I like the Elimination Chamber Once every few years would be enough and I do also like Extreme Rules. But in your mock schedule Payback should be after WrestleMania That's why it's named payback
  14. This year was the first year Payback was after mania. Sooooo.....
  15. That's because it was originally Backlash Brother
  16. My Mock Schedule (I'm an attitude era baby)

    Royal Rumble
    Money In the Bank
    Bad Blood
    Night Of Champions
    No mercy
    Hell in the Cell, Elimination Chamber or King of the ring (They should rotate each year or every other year)
    Survior Series
    Judgment Day
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