Which PPV would you bring back and why?

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  1. Personally I choose:

    King of the Ring: Nice Tournament, I always enjoyed it

    Armageddon: I always liked this PPV and nice concept too

    Breaking Point: Yeah, I know, I know, let me explain, I am a big fan of submission matches and this PPV sort of sucked, because they didn't knew how to use it at 100%

    And what about you? Which One Would you bring back?

  2. KOTR: Always liked this concept as you get to see someone battle their way through the night to win the tournament,great way to build new stars properly without all that MITB bollocks.
  3. True, Maybe WWE should have a KOTR BUT with Mid-carders
    And MITB sucked after the two briefcase thing
  4. Yeah the MITB concept is just over done and makes theses guys weak.It worked well for edge as it was something that was never done before but that does not mean its good for everyone else.
  5. You said it men, Only worked for Edge on his "Opportunist" Gimmick
  6. KOTR by far, I love tournaments and its a great way to take a mid carder to a main eventer in one night.
  7. I'd bring back No Mercy. That always seemed to have a fairly solid line up. (It's the PPV that got me into wrestling) It had been around for quite sometime and I would love to see that make a return.

    KotR would be a good one as well. I always like seeing a good tournament.
  8. KOTR was a nice PPV and a nice concept. It defiantly would be nice to bring back to help those future stars such as Tyson Kidd, etc.
  9. King of The Ring, I liked the idea when Sheamus was king of the ring, that he'd come out as King Sheamus and wear all the fancy clothes! even his Titantron changed!
  10. King of the Ring obviously , I also liked Breaking Point.
  11. KOTR. Would be awesome to see it done right.
  12. I'd like to bring back The Bash, it gives me a lot of remembers...
  13. Armageddon, I just like the name, that's all
  14. Bad Blood and Backlash

    It's just the names.
  15. Bad Blood sounds badass and Backlash was a nice post-WM concept


    Well it may be hard but I know that the creative team can do it right let's just have faith on them lol
  16. I would bring back ECW one night stand. There were some pretty good matches there. One in particular was the one with Lance Storm, who I think faced Rey Mysterio that night.
  17. King of the Ring, Backlash, and No Mercy.
  18. Unforgiven because of the championship scramble
  19. KIng of the Ring! Everyone talk about the Big 4 PPV, when KOTR was around it was known as THE BIG 5 PPV! And should still be around today!
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