which premier league team was the best?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. arsenal invincibles

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  2. Man utd 99 treble winning team

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  3. Chelseas 2004-05 team

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  4. Man utds 2008 team

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  1. arsenal invincibles

    Man utd 99 treble winning team

    Chelseas 2004-05 team

    Man utds 2008 team

    (id make a poll but not sure how to)

    My pick tough one but im going for the chelsea team broke all the records the invincibles set even though they lost a few games the team was amazing which was lead by mourinho terry lampard and co
  2. I like Arsenal, I'm not a BPL mark but I enjoy watching Arsenal matches
  3. Added a poll in, for future reference if you want to have one you can go to full edit and scroll down near the bottom you should see the I want a poll option, just click that.
  4. Arsenal invincibles definitely. They revolutionised the premier league and how football should be played. The mark inside of me wants to say the class of 99' because of its European success as well as the league and FA Cup, but I just can't. Although we did have perhaps the top four strikers in Europe playing for us and some of the best midfielders to ever grace the league (Keane, Beckham, Scholes Giggs).

    In fact, it's a tie between those two. That Chelsea team was great but they came up at a time where I thought their competition was rather weak until Utd'd 2008 team emerged.
  5. I remember when boro were beating them 3-1 that season only lasted 10 mins mind was a great game they were an amazing team aswell thanks 4 changing it 4 me can you think of any others that deserve a mention? I wanted to add citys team from last season because its probably just as good on paper but they didnt win the league as convincing as they should have and were poor in the cl
  6. At one point, Newcastle's team was great. I don't think it can be in this list however, but they were solid. Villa as well.
  7. Yes they had a good team but bottled it towards the end remember how good villas team was a few years ago when they were 3rd at one point lol how times change leed 2002-03 team was good they got to the cl semis around then lpool cl winning team was good aswell
  8. Yeah those were decent but not in the same class. I can't think of many in the same class as the ones in the poll tbh, unless we go back before the PL era.
  9. I think Blackburn 94-95 season should get a shout.
  10. Yes fair enough stick with them 4
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