Which RAW star would benefit the most from a Mania' win?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Or even a Wrestlemania moment. Who would benefit the most? Who would be the star(s) you want to steal the spotlight?
  2. Punk winning would cement him forever. That's a big benefit i'd say.
  3. Ryback needs this moment after they butchered his push as for who I want to it's Rollins or Bryan.
  4. This year? Pretty obvious. :happy:
  5. Ryback, but not far behind him in regards to importance would be Big E or Fandango, purely because it's their debut matches.
  6. definitely punk. Undertaker has made a HUGE impact on wwe that will last forever, 20 wm victories. twenty years. he's had some of the biggest matches in history. if punk were to just end his streak at the grandest stage of them all, he would break ground in history. But for me that's a match that's obvious that punk won't win, so someone who has a chance of winning that would benefit most would be Cena. Rock is hall of famer, and an 8 time wwe champion, and there has been a lot of hype for this match, even though i think it's gonna suck all kinds of ass.
  7. Obvious Punk wont win, though I will fucking run out and do cartwheels in the streets if the WWE throws a surprise win for him.

    IMO, Fandango would benefit the most. The rest of the guys on the card already have established themselves in some way or another. Fandango is still that guy no one can take seriously.

    Not that they entirely would if he does win, but, to beat someone like Jericho, yeah, he would be talked about as much as Barrett jobbing to Bo Dallas and he would probably get a much bigger push afterwards.
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