Which return made you mark out the most?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Brock Lesnar or The Rock.

    Personally I marked harder for Brock's return. I marked like an absolute kid for both, but Brock's was harder.

    Now it's your turn.
  2. The Rock b/c I did not see it coming. Brock was roomer to sign with WWE! And I grew up with the Rock. Though I did with Brock later Rock was the got was 1 of the 1st guy I seen as I start when I was 6 so even remeber him as a mid card.
  3. Neither TBH. I knew they were both coming. For me it's when undertaker shows up unexpectedly

  4. The majority thought it was an April Fools day prank.
  5. The Rock back in February 2011, when he announced that he would be hosting Wrestlemania 27.
  6. Brock easily. The notion of Rock 'hosting' Wrestlemania wasn't all that great to me.
  7. Yeah, I wish I didn't read the spoilers though that day. It would have made it a lot better. Even though it's been rumoured all weekend I honestly did not see Brock coming out.
  8. I hadn't read anything about Rock returning, the people I was watching Raw with and I were all speculating that he would be the 'special host' of Mania. I marked when his music hit, but it didn't have the same effect as Brock returning as an in ring performer. Brock hitting the F5 on Cena trumped anything Rock could have done that night.

    Also, I agree that even though many had heard the rumors about Brock, I still didn't believe it would happen, and it happening on April Fools weekend probably had something to do with that. Even though I was hoping for Lesnar to show, hearing the chants, ect I was still in a semi-state of disbelief when his music hit.
  9. For me, it has to be Rock's return, since he's my joint favourite of all time.
  10. Brock's entrance was no speech, just action.
  11. I've never marked so hard as I did when Brock returned, it beats every damn return in WWE history.

    I also marked like a kid, never have I done that, I'm sure many did too.
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  12. Brocks most definitely. He made a bigger impact on his return than the Rock when he returned.
  13. Marked harder for Brock's a lot harder I dunno it just hit home a lot more for me.
  14. That's how i feel. I've seen more of Rock, so in theory I should mark out more for his return? Or maybe it's the opposite, I've seen Brock and seen how good he is but maybe not enough? Meh, who knows. Brock rules though.
  15. I'd say Rock's return.
    When the music came, the crowd popped, my eyes became a little wet.
    Brock's return was a bit announced by spoilers with him being in Miami. Also the crowd cheers: 'We want Lesnar.', spoiled it.

    So I'm going with Rocky.
  16. See I think it was the crowd being so pumped and stoked about Lesnar coming back that got me into the moment more plus the night before at WM I didn't shut up all night about how much I wanted him to come back as I'd heard the rumours so when the music hit I was like OMG!
  17. Lol true, everyone thought he was returning at WM. I think it was only me that said it's most likely not happening, mainly because of the date of the news report.
  18. I admit all through Rock/Cena I was hoping his music would drop and he'd come out watch the match then F5 the winner help the loser up then F5 them to just leaving total carnage as Mania ended. With JR going Oh My God he's broken them in half look at the carnage the devastation.
  19. :laugh:
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