Ring of Honor Which ROH world champion did the most for the company?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. Based off of Eric Santamaria's comment on this very question in a Wrestling Roundtable. Which ROH world champion did the most for the company? Helping breaking new ground, shaping the company etc. Out of all the champions that ROH has had, who do you think has been the most important?

    I kind off agree with Santamaria, Joe pulled the biggest load out of all the champions. His 2 year + reign is the Bruno Sammartino for ROH. He helped solidify the company in the early days and help it gain ground. Danielson also helped a lot. He solidified what a world champion in ROH is as well as the company's niche.

    Also a shout out to Steen.

    Who are your picks? Discuss!
  2. IMO CM Punk
  3. Care to elaborate on that? Just interested. If you put their reigns next to each other Punk's didn't really bring much attention to the company or help it get great numbers compared to Joe or Bryan. It has sold a lot of DVD's now after the "shoot" in 2011 sure but Joe sold out more houses than Punk in ROH and Bryan helped get them on TV.

    Punk's reign in my mind benefitted Punk more than it did the company.

    Obviously you are entitled to your opinion, but the nerd in me wants to know why you think Punk's reign was moe benefitial/important for ROH. :jbl:
  4. You can't really argue about Joe. He really put the company on the map in my eyes. His matches with Punk really drew attention and his unbeaten streak as Champion has been unmatched in the modern post-Hulkamania era. As for Steen, his title reign came at one of the lowest points in the company's history. It would have been a lot more special had it come during the Aries/McGuinness/Danielson era.
  5. I'm pretty confident that without the Steen angle ROH wouldn't be on TV anymore (even if it is just syndicated) so he gets some major kudos from me for that. Plus anyone who pisses of Cornette on a regular basis is okay in my book.
  6. It has to be Joe he had a dominant run as champ and put ROH on the map for me.
  7. :lol1: true. I'm just so pissed at the state of RoH right now. A company I loved so much is just swirling down the toilet. If you had told me 5 years ago Jay Briscoe would be champ with no real contenders, I would've laughed in your face until I turned blue.
  8. I'm more worried about Mark getting a singles run with the TV title. Jay works as a main eventer with the right opponents. Mark is just a no no.
  9. Jay is a good wrestler and is pretty good at promos. Taven will win the match against Mark so i doubt mark will get a title run.
  10. You never know. ROH might have decided to reward both Briscoes for sticking around for so long.
  11. Perhaps but Taven has only be tv champ for a while but given that the booking has been slightly unpredictable as of late then Mark has a chance.
  12. Either way I'm not interested.
  13. Samoa fuckin Joe bar none.

    Nigel and Bryan also did a lots for the company with their reign, but Joe #1.
  14. Bryan drew their biggest gates didn't he? It may have been surpassed since but I think he did at the time, if so him he made them money and put on some of the best matches in the companies history.
  15. I think it has to be Nigel, of course that's just my opinion. I watched ROH here and there(only way to watch it was on HDNET and TV was in living room where mom watched it) when he was champion and I was very interested in him.
  16. Joe, Bryan, Punk, and Steen.
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