Which RTWM do you prefer?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Was last years RTWM more exciting for you than this years? Or perhaps it's the other way around?

  2. Last years as Rock still had his nostalgia and Punk vs Jericho was happening.

    This year Cena and Rock are boring me already and Punk / Taker whilst it'll tear the house down is meh in excitement thus far.
  3. Punk/Jericho was big... Huge!

    But now, Ziggler going for the WHC, Cena vs Rock, Taker vs Punk...

    Not sure for now. A 50/50 atm. I think I'll get exited when we're like 10 days away.
  4. Rock/Cena is boring for me because we saw the promo's last year. We all know Cena is winning so the corny 'quoting famous quotes' BS is BS... :lol1:

    Excited for Punk/Taker 100000x more than Taker/HHH.... I hope they're not on every show though, need to keep Taker a rare commodity.
  5. WM season simply isn't for me.

    Last year had great build between Jericho/Punk and Rock/Cena, and Rhodes's weekly Big Show Fail at Wrestlemania was pretty entertaining too. The rest of the build was pure trash.

    This year, Rock and Cena's performances are great but the silly "redemption story" kills it for me. When Jericho comes back his feud with Ziggler will be awesome, but the rest of it seems fairly lackluster. Cesaro and Miz is good, but not great. The Shield will keep being entertaining but you can't get behind the babyfaces. Punk will try to get the Taker match over, but it's really hard to believe that anyone will break it at this point. Can't see Ryback and Henry having a really interesting road since it won't be that promo-based other than Mark Henry yelling random things. WM29 just feels like it's missing something. Maybe that something is Jericho?

    Last year's main events were MUCH better than this year's, whereas this year's mid-card is far superior. Idk.
  6. I think we should wait until Wrestlemania actually gets here before making any comparison. We've still got four weeks to go lol. And two out of three big matches (HHH/Brock, Undertaker/Punk) only just got officially made on the show. Still a ways to go.
  7. Last year because the outcomes were unpredictable. Now they're just rematches and 21-0.
  8. WM 28 had one hell of a match card to be honest, so of course the road there reflected that. Only thing I wasn't a fan of was the over promotion of Taker vs HHH
  9. 20-1 #BelieveInTheShield
  10. Would cheapen the whole thing to have those bastards (or anyone) cost Undertaker his streak via interference.
  11. Last year's by a fair distance for me. Rock was a lot fresher and much more of a novelty, Punk/Jericho was awesome, Trips/Michaels/Taker had some unbelievably good promos together and Laurinaitis was tearing shit up.

    This year's just isn't getting me excited. I don't think it is so much the actual matches, but more the predictability of the fueds and their outcomes. We had all pretty much called Brock/HHH, Rock/Cena and Punk/Taker months ago and the outcome of those matches is obviously going to be face (Cena inc) for them all. I imagine though, as Wrestlemania nears I'll get more excited over Brock/HHH and Punk/Taker, just a bit meh at the moment is all. At least the undercard is a lot stronger this year, excited by the prospect of Zigs/Troll, Del Rio/Swagger and Ryback/Henry.

    As I say though, so far last year's by quite a bit.
  12. :notsure: if srs, my post was sarcastic.....
  13. Last year's card wasn't any less predictable, in my view. Rock/Cena... Yeah, Rock winning last year shocked everyone, but we all THOUGHT it was obvious that he was losing, so it didn't make a difference to any of us as it relates to the build. Taker/Triple H/Michaels had some damn fine build to it (much better than Rock and Cena, in my opinion) but no one thought Taker's streak was ending. I still expect excellent build from HHH/Brock and Punk/Undertaker. Not to mention The Shield.

    Just a feeling I have, but Cena winning, Triple H winning, Undertaker winning... I get the feeling one of these finishes won't end up being what we think it will. I'm reminded of Cena losing to The Rock and Brock losing to Cena and Triple H losing to Brock last year... We thought the exact opposite would happen with all three of those matches but we were wrong. I'm optimistic about the same happening with at least one of the big three matches at Wrestlemania.
  14. Was just saying...
  15. Last years by far which is no surprise considering I was actually excited for last years card. It had not just one dream match but two for me on it. Hell, it technically it had three for me, so obviously I was excited as hell.

    Dream match one: Rock vs. Cena. Not my personal biggest, in fact probably the one I was least interested in (as I expected the match quality we got, i.e. extremely average with plenty of false finishes). However I was still excited for it, and the promos while never consistent, provided enough enjoyable content that the times were they weren't the bad or just okay acceptable. However, it was acceptable for that build, I was never going to be okay with a rerun of it, especially since the new redemption spin on it just serves to remind us that Cena's "fall" was practically nonexistent.

    Dream match two: Punk vs. Jericho. Believe it or not, this was my biggest dream match. Ever since 2008 when these guys first stepped into the ring against each other in the King Of The Ring tournament, I really wanted these guys to get a proper time limit, on PPV to showcase what they had. In my wildest fantasy bookings, it would be the main event of WrestleMania and for the WWE Championship. That was my dream scenario, and the build was not a letdown for me. Granted, I'm having some trouble remembering exactly what happened between Mania and Extreme Rules with the exception of Jericho attacking Punk's family which lead to him "injuring" Christian. Side note: Unless Christian comes back really freaking soon, this would mark the third WrestleMania in a row where he didn't compete. That guys luck sucks. Anyway, really enjoyed the build. Punk/Taker has the potential to have a great build but right now I'm not excited as the match doesn't excited me. Before my dream match with Jericho, one of my earliest fantasy matches was Punk versus Taker (you have to understand, I was a mark back in 2006 being as that's when I started watching and Punk and Taker were two wrestlers I immediately connected to) but their matches in 09 were bad. So I guess I'm still bitter over that.

    Dream match three [technically]: HHH vs. Taker Hell In A Cell. I say technically because in my fantasy, the match has one big difference. This might sound ridiculous to most, but my dream Hell In A Cell match is HHH vs. Taker vs. Batista. I consider all three of those men the top three HIAC competitors in kayfabe. The reason is obvious, HHH & Taker appeared in more than anyone else and even won more than everyone else (I don't know who has more victories though, probably Trips) but Batista is 2-0 in the cell and he's opponents were HHH & Taker. I don't know, to me adding in Batista always made sense. However two-thirds isn't bad, place that added Shawn so I can't complain.

    As for the build, I loved the build for it. The whole corporate Trips angle was incredibly well-done and it was probably my favorite of all the builds unless I'm confusing when certain things in Punk/Jericho happened. Although, after Triple H accepted, the great build deteriorated quickly but the first half was really good. Brock/Trips, I just for some reason don't care and I didn't even see the first match and I wanted to. I'm sure the build will be fine if a bit predictable.

    Granted the builds haven't really got going yet, as Lockard pointed out, but a big part of the build is what's building to. Last year was building to matches I really wanted to see, the three big ones since like 2008. Whereas this year is just building to matches I don't care about. When the payoff isn't something I want to see, it's hard to find myself enthralled in the build. I will start checking most of them out (excluding Rock/Cena, I'll probably skip most of that unless it gets serious praise on here) but I don't foresee myself ever getting to the point of excitement I was during the RTWM last year.
  16. None of the storylines/matches really interest me (though Taker/Punk should be a solid match). I guess I'm more interested in seeing if Ziggler will finally cash in his MITB.
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